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When to Consider Smart Lipo

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The most popular cosmetic treatments are for reducing the appearance of sagging skin and cellulite. Some of these procedures are considered fairly rough, require long periods of downtime, have numerous side effects, and are not always as effective as the person hoped. One of the most powerful and effective treatments is called Smart Lipo™. The procedure is much gentler and kinder than traditional liposuction, but it still wages a war on both cellulite and fat.

Smart Lipo™ is often referred to as laser lipolysis. This is a surgical procedure where localized deposits of fat are reduced with the use of an extremely small tube called a cannula. This tube houses a special laser. The difference between this procedure and liposuction is suction is not required. The procedure works best on smaller areas such as the face.

There are a lot of advantages to Smart Lipo™ as opposed to traditional liposuction. The process is both safer and gentler because the cannula is much smaller. Another benefit is due to the heat this method generates. The healing response of the body causes a contraction of the tissues. This leaves the skin in the treated areas smoother and tighter. This is an excellent benefit compared to the sagging and loose skin and uneven contours often resulting from suctioning out the fat with traditional liposuction.

The Best Candidates for Smart Lipo™

The best candidates for Smart Lipo™ are similar to those for traditional liposuction. The individual should be within thirty pounds of their ideal weight with good overall health. The ideal candidate also has good skin elasticity in the areas they want to have treated and has been at a stable weight for some time. Once the procedure has been completed, you will be taken to an area for recovery. You may be presented with a compression garment to help reduce any swelling. This will also help the skin in the treated areas conform to the new shape of your body.

In most cases, the individual is able to go back to work within 24 hours. Since each case is slightly different, you will be given more specific instructions from our surgeon at Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas. If you believe you are a good candidate for Smart Lipo™ and have an interest in the procedure, please visit our office in San Antonio. You may also want to consider a breast augmentation San Antonio to complete your look. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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