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Some people are born with it and some people have to work for it. An attractive butt gives your body symmetry and balance, improving your overall appearance. But if you are not endowed with a naturally voluptuous butt, a Brazilian butt lift in San Antonio is an option to create the ideal curve.

Brazilian butt lift is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt enhancement with fat transfer increased by 26% in 2016. This growth in popularity is not a surprise as the procedure is safe and effective in enhancing size and shape of the buttocks without employing implants. Below are some of the reasons why this procedure has become so popular.

Be Bikini Ready All the Time

A solid exercise routine is an incredible way to get your summer body. But for some, even a high number of squats can’t create a stellar body. Fortunately, the Brazilian butt lift can assist. A butt lift with Dr. Jeneby isn’t exactly a “lift,” however, it’s really a fat transfer where the fat ends up in your buttocks. Because a small amount of the fat will die off after the transfer it’s important to note that this procedure is for larger patients. Having enough fat to transfer is a factor.

No Implants

The Brazilian butt lift in San Antonio is carried out using fats taken from your own body. As such, the risk of rejection or reaction is greatly reduced. During the consultation, doctors identify areas of your body with extra fat, and during the procedure, the fat is removed using a gentle technique called liposuction. The fat is then processed to get rid of any impurities and transferred to the butt using a thin cannula. The fat will die off after transfer, which means the size of your butt post-op cannot be guaranteed. Repeat procedures are possible, however, if the fat dying off becomes an issue.

Have a Natural Look

People looking for a Brazilian butt lift in San Antonio desire to have a natural curve, not just an ordinary enhancement. Since this type of butt augmentation uses the patient’s fat, it yields natural-looking contours even if you choose bold enhancements. Doctors carefully sculpt the area to create enhancements that not only look great, but also complement your natural shape.

Get Long-Term Results

Fat cells that endure the transfer will remain there for the long-term. Eventually, the fat attaches to your blood supply and lives there indefinitely. The fat will age naturally like other body tissues and you can get more butt lifts later on. One can enjoy long term results when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a Brazilian butt lift San Antonio residents can rely on, contact Dr. Jeneby today to schedule a consultation! We also offer breast augmentation in San Antonio.

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