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Trilogy -Introduction

A program which incorporates diet modification based on low carb, high protein meals with caloric restriction, combined with a diet suppressant (if needed) and hormone therapy mostly of testosterone (men and women) and possible progesterone. Add Crossfit to this and you have a three pronged plan “Trilogy”.

How do I start?

You must call 210 910 5328 and obtain an appointment with Sylvia Montes–Weight Loss and Trilogy Coordinator. She will obtain a medical history, list of medications and request your labs. Once the labs come back, Dr. Jeneby will assess you after labs, EKG (for adipex/appetite suppressant) and prescribe your medications. They will come in from Stonegate pharmacy (Austin) overnight/next day/ two day. You pay Stonegate and Lab fees.

Keeping up with program!

Quitting hormonal therapy is delicate. You must be weaned off of medications. slowly as your body’s feedback system may be interrupted. This means it is imperative that you not stop cold turkey.

What can you expect? (Possible)

Increased libido, energy, and ability to fall asleep. Improved workout tolerance, less pain between workouts. Increased weight loss. Decreased abdominal girth. A reduction in appetite. Improved muscle tone, less hot flashes. More energy, more focus and more strength possible with testosterone. We add B12/HCG to improve energy and increase Basal Metabolic Rate to improve caloric burn rate.

Medication(s) prescribed: Adipex, Bontril (appetite suppressants)
Testosterone, Arimidex (prevents gynecomastia from testosterone), progesterone, B12/HCG

Crossfit: Through TBC Crossfit. 1 month membership. Discounts apply to future months. Add 99$ and we will provide your membership through Dr. Jeneby!

Carrie Carmichael
CF-L Coach
USAW Club Coach
Crossfit Kid Coach
Founder of TBC Crossfit in 2008

Kay Spears, MS, CCN
16350 Blanco Road, Suite 111
San Antonio, TX 78232

Protein Shakes
More Muscle -B Choc $88.00 USDMore Muscle – Mocha $88.00 USDMore Muslce Vanilla $88.00 USDMore Muscle -Straw $88.00 USDRecovery- B Choc $78.00 USDRecovery-Mocha $78.00 USDRecovery-Vanilla $78.00 USDRecovery -Strawberry $78.00 USDPAck-B Choc $42.00 USDPack Misc $42.00 USD

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