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The Many Reasons to Consider Rhinoplasty

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Deciding on any surgical procedure, particularly an optional procedure, seems daunting. There are several factors to consider before finalizing a decision. When it comes to a rhinoplasty, or surgical procedure on the nose, having clear reasons for the change will make it easier to make a decision based on personal goals and preferences.

If you’re interested in Rhinoplasty, contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas today. Doctor Thomas Jeneby will work with you to give you the best results possible.

The Physical Appearance

A nose that is large, crooked or otherwise unattractive causes concerns about personal appearance. In some cases, changing the appearance of the nose will improve self-confidence and self-esteem, especially if an individual has never liked the appearance of his or her nose.

Rhinoplasty provides a chance to make an aesthetic change to the nose. It is possible to change the size and shape of the nose for something that is more attractive or fits with personal preferences for the nose.

Problems with Breathing

Breathing through the nose is a natural action, but sometimes a problem with the nose will make it difficult. A rhinoplasty can help when there are deformities in the nose.

Discuss the possible problems with a medical professional before assuming that the surgery will work. Problems that rhinoplasty helps include:

  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal polyps
  • Nasal collapse
  • Some forms of sleep apnea

Repairing the Nose

Injuries from serious accidents, fights or even just running into a glass wall can change the appearance and function of your nose. When you want to reconstruct your nose because it was previously broken and has not healed properly, then rhinoplasty can help.

Rhinoplasty repairs that damage caused by a broken nose or a similar injury. Depending on the damage and appearance of your nose, Dr. Jeneby can make recommendations about the best way to handle the changes.

Improving the Balance of the Face

Your nose impacts the overall appearance of your face. When the nose is excessively large, crooked or otherwise imbalanced, it impacts the way that you look and feel. In some cases, changing the appearance of your nose will have a positive impact on your entire face.

Generally, making a nose smaller, larger or more even will improve your overall appearance. It is particularly important if your nose is out-of-balance with the size and shape of your eyes and mouth. Adjusting the shape and appearance of your nose will have positive effects.

Searching for perfection in your nose is not the best reason to consider rhinoplasty; however, there are legitimate reasons to consider changing the appearance and shape of your nose. Whether you want to improve your appearance after an injury or you are uncomfortable with the way that your nose looks, a rhinoplasty provides a chance to get the nose and face that you want.

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