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The Benefits of IPL for Laser Hair Removal

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Some of the hair removal procedures commonly used can produce negative side effects. Salves and creams only disintegrate the existing hairs but not the follicles themselves. A more permanent solution for hair removal is the application of heat energy, specifically, heat energy of certain wavelengths that targets only follicle tissue and not the surrounding skin or subdermal layers.

Laser surgery is one method of removing unwanted hair permanently, but a less invasive technique involves the use of pulsed light. IPL is the abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light, and this type of therapy is used to treat numerous skin conditions and eliminate unwanted body hair.

How IPL Works

Unlike a laser, which uses monochromatic light – energy of just one wavelength – pulsed light therapy uses a broad spectrum energy output. The wavelengths are specifically chosen so that a particular set of constructive and destructive interference patterns occur within the beam. The result is light energy that passes right through the skin without damaging it. Instead, it is absorbed by other tissues having specific tones and densities.

When properly programmed, the pulsed light device can deliver short bursts of light energy that are absorbed by the hair follicles. The follicle bulb heats up and the papilla is destroyed. This results in a complete stoppage of hair growth.

The bulbs themselves eventually disintegrate and are absorbed by the body’s fluids. They are discharged along with other waste material. The weakened hair strands fall out within a week or two.

What the Patient Can Expect

We sit down with our clients and explain the entire IPL procedure, what makes it different from laser surgery, and what the client can expect in terms of permanent results. The procedure itself is carried out using a specialized wand instrument that is placed directly on the skin surface. A soothing, cooling spray or gel is applied directly to the skin where the light pulses will be delivered.

The patient will feel a bit of stinging, but no actual pain is experienced. Depending on the amount of surface area being treated, an IPL procedure can last from 20 minutes to more than one hour.

Benefits of IPL Treatment

In most cases, the follicles are completely destroyed. However, human DNA contains information about these follicles and their construction, so eventually the body begins to build new follicle bulbs. Depending on the person’s genetics, this may occur within a year.

Some individuals experience only a tiny bit of hair restoration, with the majority of the affected surface area remaining hair-free for many years.

Because no lasers are used, there is virtually no chance of any skin tissue becoming damaged. Another benefit of this kind of light energy procedure is the destruction of hair follicles without the side effects associated with direct removal using penetrating instruments.

Who Should Consider IPL Hair Removal?

Anyone concerned about excess hair on the chest or torso, arms, legs, and even the face is encouraged to contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas for information about Intense Pulsed Light therapy for hair removal. We will be happy to schedule a consultation and answer any questions about the treatment. Get started today.

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