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ear surgery

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Pin Back Protruding Ears with Ear Surgery

There are a couple of features of an individual's appearance that can easily make them the target of ridicule when they are young and can make them feel unattractive when they are an adult. One of these things is protruding ears. When a person has ears that stick out...

Gain a New Self-Confidence with Ear Surgery

Everyone has something about their appearance that they just don’t like. It may be that their hands are too small or maybe their belly sticks out a little bit more than they would like. It is just a fact of life that all of us have something about ourselves that we...

Restore Balance to the Face and Ears with Otoplasty

There are certain proportions required to make a face aesthetically pleasing. When one feature of your face works to outweigh the remainder of your features, you may end up with a face that looks less than ideal. The good news is that solving facial balance issues may...

Reasons to Consider Otoplasty

Ear reduction procedures are quickly gaining traction in the world of cosmetic surgery. The medical industry refers to this practice as an otoplasty, and the treatment has a wide variety of benefits. To see if this operation is right for you, contact [acf...

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