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Smart Lipo in San Antonio May Be the Perfect Way to Get Your Dream Body!

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Smart Lipo™ is one of our favorite forms of liposuction. Streamlined and stress-free, it truly could give you the gorgeous dream body that you deserve. How exactly does it work? What’s so great about Smart Lipo™? If you’re living in San Antonio and searching for the perfect body contouring treatment, you should definitely consider this option.

1. It works on any area of the body

Don’t buy into the myth that liposuction is only acceptable for your abdomen and upper thighs! Whether you’re hoping for a slimmer neck, leaner arms, or a more whittled waistline, Smart Lipo™ can address any and all of your problem areas.

2. It is one of the most widely-used forms of liposuction

New to cosmetic treatments and procedures? You may feel nervous or wary about experimenting. Rest assured that Smart Lipo™ is a popular and long-time cosmetic procedure in San Antonio, being almost as popular as breast augmentation. It’s tried and true, and the results are incredibly reliable.

3. Results are long-lasting

One of the favorite reasons to love Smart Lipo™: its effects are long-term and long-lasting, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise! With Smart Lipo™, there is no fear that the results will quickly fade, or that you’re under pressure to rush in for another treatment. With this treatment, the fat cells in the area of treatment are permanently destroyed.

4. The procedure is unbelievably simple

With cosmetic surgery, it’s important to feel as comfortable as you can with the procedure or treatment that you’ve chosen. With the multitude of options on today’s market, it’s crucial to choose what feels right for you. Smart Lipo™ is a great option for those who are searching for a simple and streamlined cosmetic surgery procedure.

Don’t wait any longer to look and feel as beautiful as you possibly can. Make an appointment at the office of Thomas T. Jeneby, MD and his team of experts to learn more about your lipo options. Contact us today to book your consultation in San Antonio!

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