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Reasons Why Breast Augmentation Procedures are Ideal for Women Today

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There are plenty of reasons why a woman may want to have a breast augmentation procedure. Some go for the procedure to regain the loss of volume caused by having children while others may have the treatment to make the breasts more symmetrical. Having a breast augmentation procedure today is a lot safer as surgical techniques have improved over time. Here are some of the reasons why breast augmentation procedures are ideal for women today.

New Breast Implant Choices

Silicon and saline are still the main materials used in breast augmentation. However, variations of the two implant options like “gummy bear” have emerged in recent years. With these options, the perkiness and shape possibilities have opened up a little bit. Consulting with Dr. Jeneby can give you a better idea of breast augmentation options in San Antonio.

Improved Surgical Techniques

Besides the range of implants at your disposal, breast augmentation procedures vary in technique and application. An experienced plastic surgeon should be able to assess your overall health condition and decide on the best surgical technique for your body type. For example, women who don’t want silicone or saline implants can opt for fat transfer to augment their breasts.

High-strength cohesive silicone gel, also known as (HSC), is a noteworthy breakthrough in the field of breast augmentation. HSC implants are the strongest kind of implants in the market. However, they’re very soft in texture and feel more natural when you touch them.

Natural-Looking Results

Years ago, breast implants were associated with creating eye-popping outcomes. Today’s implants focus on giving the woman more natural and satisfying results. The majority of women opt for breast lift procedures to add more volume to their breasts after giving birth or losing weight. There’s also a significant number of women using these procedures to correct breast asymmetry issues.

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This procedure can enhance the look, feel, and shape of your breasts. But the secret is to pick a board-certified surgeon with updated knowledge about the latest breast augmentation choices and techniques. The professional team at Thomas T. Jeneby, MD is ready to assess your suitability and recommend the right procedure for you.

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