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Reasons Today’s Breast Augmentation is Better Than Ever Before

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There are many reasons women opt for breast implants, such as to appear more attractive, get a fuller chest, and gain more confidence. With the most advanced implant variations and surgical treatments, breast augmentation in San Antonio is constantly improving to help women achieve more aesthetically appealing, natural-looking breasts.

Below are some top reasons today’s breast augmentation is better than ever before:

New Breast Implant Options

Silicone and saline breast implants are among the most in-demand implants in America, with silicone being the most popular among women. However, within the same category, women have a few newer options to choose from. Round implants, ‘gummy bear’ breast implants and high-strength cohesive (HSC) are some new innovations that are shaping and creating a massive buzz in the breast augmentation world. The majority of women who have tried these techniques are happy and impressed with the results. Women now have a variety of options to choose from and can select a breast implant technique that’s tailored specifically to their body shape and goals.

Enhanced Technique

Along with having a wider range of implant options, you can also talk with your plastic surgeon about the different surgical techniques that might be most appropriate for you. A competent surgeon like Dr. Jeneby with a keen aesthetic eye can help you pick the right breast implant placement suitable for your body image and goals. For example, fat transfer breast augmentation is a technique that’s gaining much widespread popularity nowadays. It’s an ideal option for women who aren’t much interested in getting breast implants but may still want to add some extra volume. Women who want to further enhance the details of an earlier breast augmentation procedure can also increasingly benefit from a fat transfer technique.

Beautiful and Natural-Looking Results

Before, many people had breast implants to get very dramatic and eye-popping results. Today women are looking for something different. Many want a breast enlargement procedure that can help them draw a subtle increase in breasts and improve symmetry, all the while achieving a very smooth and natural-looking result.

Consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon with updated knowledge about the latest enhancement options, trends, and techniques is a great place to start based on your body image and goals. The team at Thomas T. Jeneby, MD are happy and ready to examine your suitability and find you the right breast augmentation procedure. For the best breast augmentation San Antonio has to offer, call us today at 210-762-4901 to schedule your initial consultation!

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