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Reasons to Consider Otoplasty

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Ear reduction procedures are quickly gaining traction in the world of cosmetic surgery. The medical industry refers to this practice as an otoplasty, and the treatment has a wide variety of benefits. To see if this operation is right for you, contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas. Our medical staff, led by Dr. Thomas Jeneby, can answer any questions you may have, and help determine the best treatment option for your needs.

Excessively Large Ears

Ears that are too big seem to be the most common complaint that can be fixed by an otoplasty. These massive extremities can distract from important facial features and fancy hairstyles. The unwanted attention that is attracted by large ears has a tendency to generate social anxiety. Fortunately, you no longer will feel stressed by the size of your ears. Both genders can witness advantageous outcomes.

Uneven Ears

Some people seek an otoplasty just to correct a single ear. Often times, one side is much larger than the other. If left unattended, this physical presentation can be exceptionally awkward. To end the rude glances once and for all, it is wise to get an otoplasty right away. The virtues of having symmetrical features cannot be overstated.

Drooping Ears

Over time, our ears can start to sag in an unpleasant fashion. As they hang lower, these bodily attachments start to earn negative attention. They are often one of the first indicators to reveal a mature age. This is why many people decide to correct the unwanted shape with the structural lift of an otoplasty. The final outcome will be a normalized cranial silhouette.

Irregularly Shaped Ears

Some individuals are just born with non-standard ears. While they may be perfectly functional, peculiarly shaped appendages are commonly treated like disfigurements in society. To stave off the stigma of being cursed with oddly contoured ears, a lot of people resort to transformations through modern otoplasty techniques.

Obstructed Ear Canal

In rare cases, the poor shape of an ear can cause actual hearing loss. This problem is far more substantial than the aesthetic concerns covered above, but it is just as easy to resolve. Patients tout wonderful stories of recovering the ability to hear sound and enjoy music. Muscular blockages are removed by this procedure to enable maximum ear use.

Otoplasty is letting people take matters of appearance into their own hands. Formerly, mismatched ears were a lifelong affliction; however, the problem can be permanently remedied with a simple elective operation. Choosing to change one’s ears is an immensely rewarding experience!

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