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Reasons to Get a Breast Reduction

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A breast reduction, otherwise known as a reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure typically performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, excess glandular tissue, fat and skin is removed during this procedure. This creates smaller, higher and firmer breasts. There are various reasons why people choose to get a breast reduction.

Back Pain and Discomfort

Some large-breasted people notice a nagging discomfort in their back long before the pain starts, while other people are in pain soon after puberty. Back pain can have other causes, so of course you should have the state of your spine and your posture checked by a physician. If everything is good, the size of your breasts may be the culprit. Reducing your breasts can improve posture and reduce or eliminate pain, allowing you to feel better and, possibly, reduce or eliminate any pain control medication you’re taking.

Shoulder Pain and Grooves

Many people with large chests go to great lengths to contain the excess flesh. Some may wear tight, restrictive bras, while others may try wraps and bindings intended to make the chest appear flat. If these garments go over the shoulders, discomfort and pain can be a common outcome. It’s also common for undergarments to create grooves in the shoulders that remain even after the garment is removed. A breast reduction can reduce or eliminate the discomfort and allow the grooves to heal permanently.

Unwanted Attention

Regardless of a person’s gender identity, having large breasts can make a person the focal point of unwanted attention. Those identifying as male may feel too self-conscious to disrobe at the pool or gym, while those who identify as female may experience catcalling, unwanted flirtations, or even harassment. A breast reduction will allow your face, smile or other qualities to take center stage.

Inability to Exercise as You Wish

Dancing, running, playing team sports or even playing golf can all be made impossible by large, pendulous breasts. Not only can it be extremely uncomfortable to move energetically with large breasts, but it can also be hard to bind the flesh properly to stop it from moving. The bindings and sports bras designed to help bind can make breathing deeply difficult, further impacting athletic performance. Once the breasts are reduced and have healed, everyday exercise is easier and far more enjoyable.

Skin Problems

Bras and bindings can cause painful skin sores, especially in geographical areas where hot weather is common. Heat rash and discoloration under the breasts are common, as are painful pressure sores on the shoulders. If your skin is delicate, you may experience itching or a burning sensation anywhere your bra or binding makes tight contact with your skin. A breast reduction will allow these issues to heal completely.

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Just like a breast augmentation or any other surgical procedure surrounding your breasts, a breast reduction is a big change, and at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio, Dr. Jeneby can help you reach your goals. Schedule a consultation at our office to discuss your case and hear about the breast reduction process. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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