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Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

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Although it is an elective procedure, breast augmentation continues to be quite popular. You may wonder why women choose to undergo a surgical procedure to make their bust larger or you may have your own reasons for thinking about the surgery. There are lots of motivations for choosing to go up a cup size or more. Many have to do with our societal expectations, but all are personal and unique to the individual electing to have the surgery.

Increased Confidence

Perhaps the most prevalent reason for choosing breast augmentation surgery is for a boost in overall self-confidence. Women who have felt self-conscious about their breasts for various reasons over their lifetime regularly report higher levels of confidence following the procedure.


Most women have breasts that slightly differ in size. It’s very rare to have perfectly symmetrical breasts. However, some women have a very noticeable difference in size, which causes them to be self-conscious. Breast augmentation surgery can add volume to one or both breasts and ensure that the two are evenly proportioned.

Pregnancy-Related Shape Change

Pregnancy has significant effects on a woman’s body. One of these are smaller or less voluptuous breasts. Pregnancy hormones and nursing can both play a role in this issue. Surgery can provide a woman with breasts similar to her pre-pregnancy figure without disrupting future pregnancies or interfering with breastfeeding.

Unusually Small Breasts

Some women have abnormally small breasts in proportion to their frame. Sometimes this is caused by the failure of the breasts to develop fully due to a condition known as micromastia. Sometimes it’s simply the way a woman’s body is. Regardless, unusually small breasts can cause self-esteem issues that can be overcome through a breast augmentation.

Significant Weight Loss

When women lose a great deal of weight, it’s not unusual for breasts to fall flat or to become droopy. This can be quite disheartening after working so hard to achieve a slender figure. A breast augmentation with a lift can help a woman to reap the benefits of her new figure after all of her hard work.

Sexual Satisfaction

Studies have shown that breast augmentation can have a positive effect on the sexual arousal and satisfaction of women. This could be due to an increase in confidence, combined with enhanced feeling.


Women who have lost their breasts to cancer commonly seek breast reconstruction surgery in an attempt to feel whole again. While this surgery goes beyond the scope of a breast augmentation, it does involve the insertion of a breast implant. For these women, this surgical procedure goes above and beyond sheer vanity.

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As you can see, choosing to undergo breast augmentation is a personal choice that covers a number of aspects of a woman’s life. In fact, most women choose to have the procedure for reasons beyond their desire to look nice, though being comfortable with one’s appearance is quite empowering. To learn more about breast augmentation, visit the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio. Contact us today to book your appointment.

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