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Raise and Tighten Your Breasts with a Donut Breast Lift

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Over time, the impact of gravity and aging can impact the look and feel of your breasts. They may start to sag and droop or you might notice loose skin around the area.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, a breast lift can help you to attain perkier, firmer breasts. Breast lifts can adjust your profile, helping you to attain the shapely chest that you desire.

Donut Breast Lift, What Do Butt Implants Feel Like?

A breast donut lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a circular implant to correct sagging and loose skin in your breasts. This is different from a breast augmentation procedure, in which the surgeon installs implants or transfers fat to increase the size of your breasts.

Breast lifts are an effective option for women who want to lift, tighten, and enhance the shape of their breasts.

Advantages of Breast Lifts

Some women find that after losing a lot of weight or having children, their breasts are no longer as perky or firm as they once were. Others may want to boost the size of their breasts and enjoy a rounder, tighter shape. A breast lift can help patients to achieve these aesthetic goals.

Some of the advantages of breast lifts include:

  • Tighter breast skin
  • Higher areolas
  • Treatment that is minimally invasive
  • A natural appearance
  • Reduced effects of gravity, aging, or breastfeeding

A breast donut lift can also be used to help a patient attain a larger cup size, if desired. However, patients who want to greatly enhance the size of their breasts may opt to explore alternative procedures with our surgical team to determine the best approach to reach their aesthetic goals.

What to Expect from a Breast Donut Lift Procedure

The breast donut lift procedure is relatively simple compared to other breast augmentation procedures. Before your breast donut lift, you will have the opportunity to meet with the surgeons at Plastic & Cosmetic Center to learn exactly what to expect and how to care for your new breasts after treatment is complete.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

Before you schedule your breast lift procedure, you will meet with our surgical team for a consultation. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals for your breasts. Together, we will create a plan for your procedure and help you to determine the exact type of donut implant that works best for your aesthetic goals.

During your appointment, we will also examine your breasts to get an idea of the best approach for your surgery. Finally, we will discuss your medical history and assess your overall health to determine whether you might be a good candidate for a breast donut lift.

We encourage our patients to ask questions during this appointment. In many cases, we can share images of past procedures performed by our team to help you fully understand the results that you can achieve with a breast lift. By the end of your consultation, you will know all about what to expect. If you’re ready to move forward, we can then schedule your breast lift.

Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure is minimally invasive, which means that it does not require intense surgery or anesthesia. Our surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area of the incision. The donut implant itself will be placed behind your areola. This enhances the overall shape and size of your breasts.

After the donut implant is placed, the surgeon will begin to tighten and firm the loose skin around your breasts. This may involve raising your areolas to give a perkier, more lifted appearance to your breasts. Once the excess skin is tightened and your breasts are lifted, the surgeon will close both incisions.

One of the key benefits of a breast donut lift is that the incisions are very small and leave almost no visible scarring. After the incisions are closed, you will be monitored by our medical team for a short period of time before you are released to go home.

Enhanced Breast Results

After the healing process is complete, you will notice perkier, tighter, more youthful-looking breasts. Most patients complete their recovery within 6 to 8 weeks of the treatment.

With skilled placement from our experienced surgical team, the donut implant will not be visually distinct from your natural breast tissue.

Who Can Benefit from Breast Donut Lifts?

The ideal candidate for a breast augmentation lift procedure is at least 18 years of age. Patients should be in good overall health. In general, this includes not smoking, having a healthy weight, and being free from complicating medical conditions.

Women who have a moderate amount of breast sagging and loose breast skin are the ideal candidates for a breast lift. Those who suffer from severe skin sagging or more severe drooping may be a better fit for another treatment option.

If you are not a candidate for a breast lift but you are interested in improving the appearance or shape of your breasts, we can explore alternative options during your consultation.

Skilled Breast Lifts from Dr. Thomas Jeneby

Dr. Thomas Jeneby performs cosmetic surgery for patients seeking breast augmentation, including breast lifts, at Plastic & Cosmetic Center in San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Jeneby is an Ivy League graduate who has been extensively trained in plastic surgery. He has helped countless patients to achieve their aesthetic goals.

If you want to correct sagging breasts or loose skin on and around your chest, our skilled surgical team can help. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeneby, reach out to the staff at Plastic & Cosmetic Center today.

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