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Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Options for Cancer Survivors

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For women who have undergone mastectomy surgery as part of treatment for breast cancer, the psychological impact on how they view their body image can be devastating. Breast reconstruction can offer a ray of hope to cancer survivors, but what forms of reconstruction are available?

Considerations when deciding which form of breast reconstruction to choose

For any woman considering having breast reconstruction or breast implants in San Antonio, your first port of call should be Dr. Jeneby Plastic Surgery. Dr Jeneby has many years’ experience in helping women to achieve the body they desire, including those recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Before you can decide on the type of reconstruction that you want to have, there are a number of things to take into consideration, including:

  • Your present health, including any issues that could have an impact on your body’s ability to heal post-surgery, other health conditions you may have, and whether you smoke or drink alcohol;
  • The size of your breasts, and the location and extent of your mastectomy surgery site;
  • Whether you are undergoing any other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy;
  • How much fatty body tissue is available;
  • Whether the reconstruction includes one or both breasts;
  • How important it is to you that both breasts look symmetrical;
  • Your financial position and insurance coverage;
  • How fast you want your recovery time to be;
  • How willing you are to have multiple surgeries as part of the reconstruction procedure; and
  • The impact of your chosen reconstructive surgery method on other areas of your body.

Your cosmetic surgeon will spend time discussing your medical history and will explain to you which options would be most suitable for you. The benefits, risks, and limits will also be fully explained to you.

Breast reconstruction options

The two primary options for breast reconstruction are used to give your breast or breasts a symmetrical, natural look that is equivalent to or an improvement on your original shape.

One option is to use breast implants, and the other uses our own body tissue in what is known as a tissue flap procedure. In some patients, a combination of both procedures is used. In addition to the breast reconstruction, the nipple and areola may be tattooed to give a totally natural look that effectively mimics the original breast.

For women who have had a mastectomy procedure as part of their breast cancer treatment, breast reconstruction or breast implants in San Antonio may be of great psychological benefit in aiding the recovery process. For more information on how Dr. Jeneby could help you in your post-breast cancer recovery, contact the clinic today for a confidential discussion.

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