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Venus Legacy

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

If you have been trying and failing to combat stubborn fat and cellulite, despite exercise and eating right, the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas has a new option that may be ideal for you — The Venus Legacy.

Venus Legacy is an FDA-approved device that delivers non-invasive, virtually painless, and immediate results to stubborn cosmetic problems. This treatment can help reduce cellulite, wrinkles and lines, tighten and tone skin and get rid of stubborn fat pockets. It can be used on the body, face and neck, and it is safe and effective for all skin types. The patented technology of Venus Legacy allows energy to travel deep into the skin — deeper than other techniques — which results in increased blood circulation, immediate plumping effects, and the kind of youthful, glowing skin you want. And you get all of this with no pain, no discomfort, and no downtime.

The patented combination technology of Venus Legacy uses both radio frequency and pulsed magnetic fields. This creates a heating effect that is both soothing and therapeutic in and over the skin. Through this combination skin tightening and toning, cellulite reduction, and wrinkle reduction occur due to the thermal reaction that takes place in the tissues of the skin. That heating effect stimulates the body’s own healing response which makes skin contract, tighten and soften the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite. Collagen is also stimulated during the treatments, which means new collagen growth for healthier, tighter skin.

Treatments are done right here in the comfort of our office, and they take very little time — generally only 30-40 minutes depending on what part of the body is being treated. While results are seen immediately, the full and most long-lasting results occur over a series of treatments. For the face, six treatments are recommended. Neck is usually eight, and body treatments respond best with ten treatments. Your individual needs and expected results may take few treatments or possibly more; the full course for you will be determined with your doctor.

Venus Legacy can help with a large number of aesthetic concerns, and it can treat problem areas nearly from head to toe. To softening stubborn facial wrinkles and loss of firmness all the way to helping reduce cellulite and the overall circumference of thighs and buttocks, this is a safe, effective, and simple treatment that gets you real results, fast.

To learn more about Venus Legacy and how it can help address your cosmetic concerns, call our office today.

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