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Chin Augmentation

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What is a Chin Augmentation San Antonio?

Sometimes it’s hard to look at pictures of yourself and be satisfied with what you see. For many people, there are specific things that bother them, such as the effects of aging on skin or perhaps body fat in unwanted places. For others, it’s about one particular part of the face. A popular area of concern is the chin. Many people are unhappy with the shape or profile of their chin and are looking for a way to improve it. Chin augmentation San Antonio is one such option.

Chin augmentation is also known as mentoplasty. Mentoplasty techniques can include restructuring the bones of the chin, adding a chin implant, or doing a chin reduction (a different kind of restructuring); a combination of these techniques is also possible. In some cases, mentoplasty accompanies rhinoplasty — a nose job — in order to maintain full structural symmetry in the face, or it may be a necessary part of facial reconstruction surgery following an accident or trauma to the face. Facial liposuction can also be combined with mentoplasty.

Is a Chin Augmentation San Antonio Right for Me?

Chin surgery in any form is definitely a surgical procedure, so there will be recovery time, regardless of which type of mentoplasty you and your doctor decide is best for you. Augmentation involves inserting an implant into the skin of the chin or by removing some of the bone of the chin in a procedure known as a sliding genioplasty. A sliding genioplasty may also be performed for very small chins or significant deformities or abnormalities that would benefit from this specific procedure. Augmentation surgery can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your particular needs and the type of surgery being performed.

Chin reduction surgery means the surgeon is actually changing the shape of the chin itself. This kind of surgery can take longer than augmentation because it is more involved. As with all surgeries, general anesthesia may be required and some patients may also need an overnight hospital stay, so it is important to arrange transportation to and from your procedure rather than attempting to drive yourself. It is also important to keep in mind that there will be significant recovery time after your surgery — the average is up to six weeks for a full recovery. Your surgeon will discuss your recovery with you, as well as any special post-operative care that may be needed.

Chin surgeries have an excellent success rate. In fact, 90 percent of people who have had mentoplasty reported being extremely satisfied with the post-surgery results. So if you are unhappy with the shape or profile of your chin, call our office today. Our plastic and cosmetic surgery professionals will be happy to talk about your concerns and how we can help.

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