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Buttock Augmentation (Implants)

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If you’ve been looking for ways to enhance your figure, you may have considered butt implants. This cosmetic surgery procedure is also known as buttock augmentation surgery or gluteal augmentation. It involves the placement of artificial implants under the skin to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.

The results of buttock augmentation (implants) can be pretty transformative, providing a more balanced or voluptuous figure. Once the post-surgical swelling has subsided, which typically takes a few weeks, the enhanced contour and size of the buttocks become more apparent.

The implants offer a permanent solution for individuals seeking a fuller, more rounded buttock profile, butt implant patients, soft silicone implants, breast implants, and buttocks augmentation, which can contribute to improved body confidence and self-esteem. However, as with any surgical procedure, results can vary based on individual body types, implant sizes, and surgical techniques.

Dr. Thomas Jeneby, a board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas, has extensive experience performing buttock augmentation with implants. This blog post will explain the procedure, its benefits and risks, and what to expect during recovery. Let’s get started.

What Are Butt Implants?

Butt implants are synthetic devices made of solid silicone that are surgically placed in the buttocks to create a more prominent, fuller appearance. They come in different shapes, sizes, and textures to suit individual preferences and body types.

During the procedure, the implants are placed either under or within the gluteal muscle to achieve a natural-looking result.

Butt implants are different from buttock augmentation with fat transfer, which involves removing fat from other areas of the body and injecting it into the buttocks.

While both procedures can enhance the size and shape of the buttocks, butt implants offer a more permanent solution for individuals seeking a significant increase in volume.

Who Should Go For Butt Implants?

Human body shapes. Woman buttocks types set Human body shapes. Woman buttocks types specified. Vector illustration Butt Implants surgery stock illustrations

The ideal candidate for butt implants is someone who desires a fuller, rounder buttock profile but has not been able to achieve it through diet and exercise alone. Generally, candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of their surgery.

Understanding The Need For Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation, also known as gluteal augmentation, is more than a mere cosmetic procedure; it’s a confidence booster, a means of reshaping and enhancing the butt implants near me.

Individuals contemplating this surgery often struggle with dissatisfaction regarding the size or shape of their buttocks, which may stem from natural body structure, outpatient surgical procedures, aging, or significant weight loss.

Body Image And Self-Esteem

Body image plays a significant role in self-esteem and overall quality of life. For some, having small or flat buttocks can lead to feelings of self-consciousness or dissatisfaction with their appearance. These individuals often find it challenging to wear certain types of clothing, such as fitted jeans or swimwear, and excess skin.

They may feel uncomfortable in situations where their body shape is noticeable. In these cases, butt augmentation offers an excellent solution to improve their body contour and boost their self-confidence.

The Impact Of Weight Loss

Significant weight loss is another scenario where buttock augmentation can be beneficial. After losing a substantial amount of weight, some individuals may find that their buttocks have lost volume or sag.

While an outstanding achievement, massive weight loss can sometimes result in a body shape that feels out of proportion. Here, buttock implants can provide a more proportionate body silhouette, giving these individuals a renewed sense of body positivity.

Genetics And Body Structure

Genetics also play a crucial role in determining the size and shape of your buttocks. Some people naturally have a smaller or flatter buttock region due to their genetic makeup, and no amount of diet or exercise can significantly alter this. Buttock implants offer a permanent solution for these individuals, helping them achieve the fuller, rounder buttock profile they desire.

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Case Of Aging

Aging is a natural process, and it brings changes that affect the firmness and shape of the buttocks. With age, the buttocks may start to sag and lose their firmness due to the loss of natural elasticity in the skin. For individuals seeking to regain a youthful and toned appearance, buttock augmentation procedures can be an effective solution.

Finally, Setting Realistic Expectations

Buttock augmentation is a significant commitment and should only be considered after thorough research and consultation with a qualified professional. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the procedure, including the risks and recovery time. Moreover, setting realistic expectations is crucial. Remember that the goal isn’t perfection but improvement.

The surgery can significantly enhance your appearance and boost your confidence, but it won’t necessarily alter your looks to match an ideal image or resolve personal issues.

As with any decision involving body modification, the decision to get buttock implants should be private, well-considered, and ultimately aimed at increasing your happiness and satisfaction with your body.

Butt Implants | Types

Two types of buttock implants are commonly used in augmentation procedures, each with its advantages and disadvantages. These are silicone implants and fat transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are solid silicone devices that are inserted into the buttocks implants to add volume. They are durable and designed to withstand pressure, which makes them an ideal choice for individuals who are looking for a permanent solution to enhance their rear contour.

Silicone implants come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate the unique needs and body types of each patient, providing a more personalized approach to buttock augmentation. However, they may feel less natural than fat transfers, and there is a risk of complications such as shifting or infection.

Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Hardware cosmetology. Body care. Spa treatment. Beautiful blond woman getting Ultrasound cavitation body contouring treatment

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat transfer procedure that involves harvesting fat from one area of the patient’s body, purifying it, and then injecting it into the buttocks.

This procedure offers a dual advantage – it not only enhances the shape and volume of the buttocks but also contours the area where the fat was harvested from, such as the abdomen or thighs.

The result is a more natural-looking and feeling augmentation compared to silicone implants. However, the amount of boost possible is limited by the fat available for transfer. Furthermore, some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time, potentially diminishing the effects of the augmentation.

When choosing between these two types of implants, it’s important to consult with a qualified professional to understand which option would suit your body type, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle best.

The Procedure

Butt implant surgery is typically performed by a plastic surgeon under general anesthesia. The procedure usually lasts between 2-3 hours and involves making incisions in the crease between the buttocks, where scars are easily concealed.

The surgeon then creates a pocket in the gluteal muscle or places the implant above the muscle, depending on the desired outcome and the existing shape of the buttocks.

Preparation For The Procedure

The preparation phase for butt implant surgery requires careful planning and attention to detail. First, the patient must have a comprehensive medical examination to ensure they are in good health and a suitable candidate for surgery.

This may involve blood tests, a physical exam, and a medical history review. Next, the plastic surgeon will discuss the surgery in detail, explaining the different types of implants, the pros and cons of each, and which would be the most suitable given the patient’s body type and desired outcome.

On Day Of Surgery

Close-up - the doctor gives anesthesia to the patient before surgery or beauty procedure. Focus on the mask Close-up - the doctor gives anesthesia to the patient before surgery or beauty procedure. Modern medical technology concept. Focus on the mask. general anesthesia stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

On the day of the surgery, the patient is put under general anesthesia to ensure they are completely relaxed and do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. The operation begins with the surgeon making incisions in the crease between the buttocks implant surgery.

This location is chosen as it helps to conceal any scarring that may occur post-surgery. The surgeon then creates a pocket inside or above the gluteal muscle, where the implant will be placed.

Inserting The Implant

The next step involves the actual insertion of the implants. Two types of implants can be used: solid silicone or fat grafts. Solid silicone implants are durable and designed to feel similar to natural tissue.

These are inserted into the pockets created by the surgeon and then positioned correctly. If fat grafts are used, fat is removed from another part of the patient’s body (usually the abdomen or thighs), processed, fat injections, and then injected into the buttocks.

Closing Incisions And Post-Surgery Care

Once the implants are securely in place, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures, and a compression garment will be applied to minimize swelling and support the new contour of the buttock enhancement.

Post-operative care instructions will be given to the patient, which typically involves taking pain medication, avoiding sitting or lying directly on the butt augmentation surgery for a specified time, and abstaining from strenuous physical activity until approved by the surgeon.

Recovery And Final Results

Recovery times vary from patient to patient; however, most can expect to return to work within two weeks. During the recovery period, patients must follow the post-op care instructions carefully to ensure the best possible outcome. Swelling and discomfort are expected in the initial stages and will gradually subside.

The final results of the procedure will become apparent once the swelling has reduced completely, usually after a few months. With proper care and maintenance, the results of buttock augmentation can be long-lasting and significantly enhance the patient’s self-confidence and satisfaction with their body.

Impressive Outcomes Of Buttock Implants

Buttock augmentation, particularly through implants, has witnessed incredible results, elevating patient satisfaction and boosting self-esteem. The success of this procedure lies in its ability to effect a radical transformation, offering a well-proportioned, curvy figure that many desire.

Enhanced Body Proportions

Buttock implants play a significant role in enhancing body proportions. Individuals with underdeveloped or flat buttocks can achieve a more balanced body shape with the help of these implants. They provide a fuller, rounder contour to the buttocks, balancing the relation between the upper and lower body and bestowing a more symmetrical silhouette.

Increased Volume And Firmness

The most immediate and apparent result of buttock implants is the augmented volume and firmness. Implants infuse noticeable roundness and fullness to the buttocks.

Unlike natural tissue, which may sag over time, implants maintain their shape and firmness, ensuring enduring results. This adds to the visual appeal and gives a youthful appearance.

Improved Confidence And Self-Esteem

Beauty Woma in purple underwear with big natural breasts on blue background Beauty woman in purple underwear with big natural breasts on blue background, body care concept butt implants stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

The psychological benefits of buttock implants cannot be overstated. The augmented shape and improved body proportions often lead to heightened self-confidence.

Patients report feeling more comfortable in their skin and experiencing increased satisfaction with their body image. This newfound confidence can positively impact all areas of a person’s life, from personal relationships to professional interactions.

Long-Lasting Results

One of the significant advantages of buttock implants is that the results are long-lasting. With proper care and regular follow-ups with the surgeon, patients can enjoy the procedure’s benefits for many years. This durability makes the procedure a preferred choice for those seeking a permanent solution to enhance their buttock’s shape and size.


Buttock implants have become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure for those seeking a fuller and shapelier backside. With advancements in technology and surgical techniques, the system offers natural-looking results with minimal downtime.

If you are considering buttock implants, it is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can guide you through the process and help you achieve your desired results safely and effectively. Do thorough research, ask questions during consultations, and follow all pre-and post-operative instructions for the best outcome.

With careful planning and proper aftercare, buttock implant surgery can help you achieve the curves of your dreams. Dr. Thomas Jeneby and our team at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas are here to support you on your journey toward enhanced confidence and self-esteem. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about buttock implant surgery.

Real Patient Results

When working with our office, we will talk about your goals and discuss the pros and cons of each of these options. Once we decide the best option, we can move forward on planning your surgery. Most invasive surgical plans will be performed under general anesthesia. It is important to note that during the recovery period, patients are unable to sit for 2 weeks, including driving. You can enjoy the results after full recovery, which usually takes between six to twelve months.

To get the figure you’ve always wanted, schedule a consultation and review your options for butt implants. Prospective patients are welcome to give us a call or fill out a form today. You are also welcome to explore the pictures in our gallery to see what augmentation option is best for your aesthetic goals.

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