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Breast Implant Revision

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Using Galaflex for revisional breast surgery!
Notice the internal bra for low hanging breasts and symmastia (breast too close together)

Breast Implant Revision With or Without Capsulectomy

Breast implants are truly one of the greatest innovations in cosmetic surgery! Around 90-98% of the time, breast implants can provide not only a lot of joy but a newfound sense of self-confidence. In a handful of patients, known risks and complications such as capsules, malposition, deflation, rupture or prior removal require revisional surgery. Dr Jeneby specializes in breast implant revision surgery with implant removal and replacement, capsulectomies, and with or without the use of acellular human tissue to reduce re-encapsulation.

Dr. Jeneby strives to offer all of his patients options including complete removal of a past implant and implant material revision. Additionally, Dr. Jeneby also performs implant revision capsulation and leaves the implant out to give the body time to recover while reducing a reaction to the new material as well as an immediate replacement of Implants and site change from over the muscle to under or vice versa. All of these surgeries can help reduce the incidence of capsule recurrence, although nothing completely eliminates that risk.

Capsules are formed as a natural response to any foreign material administered into the body. Whether orthopedic, dental, or cosmetic, implants comprised of substances not naturally recurrent in the body all form “capsules” as the body is trying isolate the foreign material.

Capsules that become hard or begin to leak can present complication. Dr. Jeneby possesses expertise in multiple techniques, and the approach performed largely depends on your current situation and price range. One of the most effective yet expensive approaches involves placing human dermis in the breast pocket to reduce re-encapsulation.

Breast Revision
Removal of 240 cc and placed new Bppst implants with J stitch laterally.
Breast Implant Revision Procedure by Dr. Jeneby
Breast Implant Revision Diagram

The best thing to do is to see Dr. Jeneby and discuss your needs and desires. Dr. Jeneby can remove old or defective implants, administer new ones, remove capsules, perform site alterations, and administer dermis as necessary.

We also now perform the postoperative Aspen Capsule Ultrasound which is usually a ten treatment course done over 10 days to two weeks to help soften capsules and in some cases, eliminate surgery altogether. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for revisional breast surgery and capsulectomy!

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