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Jeuveau Wrinkle Treatment in San Antonio, Texas

Jeuveau (NewTox) is the most recent injectable wrinkle relaxant for eliminating frown and wrinkle lines.

Wrinkles and fine lines are the outward manifestations of an aging skin. Neuromodulator injections, which temporarily relax particular muscles to smooth facial skin, are popular among men and women who wish to preserve a younger, fresher appearance over the long term. Jeuveau, a novel neuromodulator that can replace Botox, is the most recent addition to this category.

Evolus’s first product, Jeuveau (also known as “NewTox”), debuted in the early 2019 market. In adults, glabellar lines (the fine lines that appear between the eyebrows and are frequently referred to as “11’s”) can be temporarily smoothed out with a botulinum toxin of 900kDa that has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Jeuveau Dr Jeneby Plastic Surgery San Antonio

What is Jeuveau?

As the newest member of the neuromodulator family, Jeuveau joins the ranks of well-established drugs like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. Dermatologists prescribe these drugs to lessen the visibility of dynamic wrinkles like those found in the brow region, the eye area, and the central forehead.

After two successful phase-3 placebo-controlled trials in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Jeuveau approval in 2019. When compared to other neuromodulators used for anti-aging purposes, its safety and effectiveness are on par with the best of them. When other neuromodulators aren’t the best option for our patients, Dr. Jeneby and his expert team offers Jeuveau as an alternative.

Is Jeuveau Similar to Botox?

Jeuveau is very similar to Botox in many respects. That’s because the key to minimizing frown lines in both cases is the same active component. The protein made by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium is known as botulinum toxin.They way each company that owes these modulators formulates them may differ to a degree, but they have the same key ingredient and are used for the same applications.  

What are the Uses of Jeuveau?

Several strategically placed injections are used to administer Jeuveau, and our trained staff does all the work. Expertise and precision are needed while administering these injections to provide a realistic appearance. To inject just the right amount of Jeuveau to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while still allowing for your natural emotions is an art form in itself. When it comes to neuromodulators, our specialist injectors are among the best in the business.

How Does Jeuveau Wrinkle Treatment Work?

Some types of wrinkles can be prevented with the help of neuromodulators like Jeuveau by relaxing the facial muscles that cause them. The medicine works by relaxing the muscle, which prevents the formation of lines in the face. Jeuveau, when used properly, can make one look refreshed and calm without “frozen.” In order to get the most natural and aesthetically pleasing outcomes, our team of professionals understands the significance of pinpoint accuracy in needle placement and dosage.

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What Does Jeuveau Treat?

When used to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines (also known as “frown lines”), Jeuveau injections have received FDA approval. These lines begin at the outer edges of the eyelids and progress upwards over the forehead. Other facial creases and hyperactive muscles can be treated with Jeuveau injections, including:

  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines (wrinkles on nose)
  • Mouth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Gummy smile
  • Pebbly chin (dimples on chin)
  • Platysmal bands (neck bands)
Jeuveau Dr Jeneby Plastic Surgery San Antonio

Is Jeuveau Treatment Painful?

Tiny needles are used to inject Jeuveau. In most cases, patients only feel a slight pinch throughout the process. It only takes a few seconds for the truth to come out. You might ask your doctor about a topical numbing lotion if you’re worried about how you’ll feel during the treatment.

How Soon Will I See Jeuveau Results?

Jeuveau patients are happy with the rapid turnaround time between treatments. In as little as 24–48 hours after a session, some people report feeling better. After only a week or two, you’ll start to see the full effects, which can last for up to four months.

Is There Any Recovery Time After Jeuveau?

A Jeuveau treatment has no downtime, so you can get back to your regular routine as soon as you leave our office. Injection sites may swell or bruise somewhat in some patients, but this is usually temporary (lasting no more than a few days). If you want your skin to have time to heal before a large event, don’t schedule your treatment right before it.

Are There Any Side Effects with Jeuveau?

Since Jeuveau is not an invasive treatment, any potential adverse effects are short-lived and moderate. Some patients may experience temporary localized areas of redness, edema, or bruising at the injection sites. It’s possible that you’ll have a headache for the first couple of days following your treatment. If you know you’ll be in public for a special occasion soon, give your skin plenty of time to recover by scheduling your treatment in advance.

How Long Do Jeuveau Results Last?

The timetables for effects with all of the neuromodulators we utilize are very similar. Even though you may start to feel better within the first 24 to 48 hours after your session, the full benefits won’t be seen for at least a week. The duration of action of neuromodulators is roughly three to five months. Regular Jeuveau treatments have the potential to permanently halt the deepening of wrinkles and the appearance of new lines.

Am I a Candidate for Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is highly effective for both men and women who want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. You should be in good health and wait at least four months between treatments with Jeuveau and any other neuromodulator injections. Jeuveau is contraindicated for breastfeeding mothers, expectant mothers, and those trying to conceive.

Will My Jeuveau Results Look Natural?

The fear of becoming “frozen” is a major concern for many patients before they use a neuromodulator like Jeuveau for the first time. This is not a problem when working with a skilled dermatologist who is also a trained injector. Our mission is to help people look and feel younger without compromising their ability to express themselves via their faces. Your appearance will be unaltered; you’ll just look younger.

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If you suffer from wrinkles and are looking to make a change, Jeuveau may be right for you. If you are ready to make a change, contact us today to schedule your consultation or appointment. We strive to help each and every patient look and feel their absolute best!

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