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Looking Younger with Lip Augmentation

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There are a lot of factors that play a part in making a person look older. When you first think about it, one of the things that may pop into your mind is having wrinkles. But have you ever thought about how your lips can also make you look older? Unfortunately, our lips are also affected by the aging process. They are negatively affected by this process because they start to lose volume as you get older. In your youth, you may have had very plump lips. However, because you have started to lose volume in them as you have gotten older, now they look thin and have wrinkles. If this sounds like your situation, you may want to consider lip augmentation.

So, what exactly is lip augmentation? This is an extremely popular cosmetic option that has been able to help a lot of people get plumper lips, which contributes to an overall more youthful appearance. But how does it work? Does a person have to undergo surgery in order to enhance their lips?

There are a couple of options that are currently available in order to help augment your lips. One of the options is using an implant. However, this is an invasive procedure that requires you to spend many days, and oftentimes weeks, recovering.

Another less invasive option is using fillers in order to add some volume to the lips. This is usually what a person tries before going with an implant. Depending on the brand that is used, the dermal filler injections can last from eight to twelve months, which is quite a long time.

During this treatment, a very smooth gel is skillfully injected into the lips in order to add volume. The lips are left looking smooth and natural. The gel from the dermal filler not only helps to increase the volume of the lips, but it can also keep the skin on the lips looking hydrated and youthful.

If you are interested in non-surgical lip augmentation, Dr. Jeneby and the team at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas can help. Schedule a consultation at our office in San Antonio to see how lip augmentation can benefit you. We will listen closely to your particular goals and then recommend a treatment that can help you reach them. Dr. Jeneby is also a renowned breast augmentation surgeon in San Antonio. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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