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Look as Young as You Feel with a Facelift

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If you’re a mature adult experiencing the visual signs of aging on your face, you aren’t alone. Sagging, the appearance of jowls and shadows created by folds and creases are usually caused by fat deposits beneath the skin and a decrease in the supportive capability of the subcutaneous tissues. A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a minimally-invasive procedure that corrects these problems.

Various types of facelift procedures are performed to improve the appearance of certain areas of the face, neck and forehead. Smoothing the skin on the face itself is generally performed by carefully pulling the facial skin upward, resulting in fewer wrinkles and less noticeable sagging. When properly performed, a facelift can take up to 15 years off a patient’s appearance.

Why Consider a Facelift?

Laser resurfacing, chemical peels and laser treatments can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet, but aging skin will still sag and crease. A decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin, environmental factors and a buildup of fat beneath the skin causes symptoms such as drooping, enlarged nasolabial folds, and heavier, defined wrinkles on the cheeks.

The ideal candidate will be a mature adult who desires smoother cheeks, a tauter jawline and less folding along the sides of the nose. A facelift can also help improve crow’s feet wrinkles that form along the sides of the mouth.

Types of Facelift Procedures

If you decide to undergo a facelift, the procedure will be tailored exactly to your needs. In general, however, the process consists of removing loose, excess skin from the face and lifting and tightening the rest to help you look naturally younger. If needed, our skilled surgeon can also remove unwanted fat and tighten the underlying facial muscles to enhance your results.

This type of procedure will smooth the cheeks and get rid of sags near the jawbone. Recovery time will vary depending on the extent of your procedure, which we will discuss with you during your consultation.

A forehead lift, as the name suggests, lifts the forehead skin at the brow line and smooths the wrinkles in the area. A full facelift typically consists of a lower lift and a forehead lift combined, but Dr. Jeneby can discuss your options with you when you come in for your first appointment.

Consultation Is Important

Before deciding to have a facelift performed, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us so that we can examine your face and recommend a suitable procedure. You will be given all the pertinent information about preparation, recovery time and follow-up care.

The facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. Our talented plastic surgeon provides procedures such as facelifts and breast augmentation in San Antonio at the office of Thomas T. Jeneby, MD. Contact our office today find out if this procedure is right for you!

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