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Laser Vein Therapy for Varicose Veins

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A common issue of aging that many people deal with is the appearance of unsightly varicose and spider veins. They are common for both men and women, and they normally appear in the legs and down by the ankles. Most of the time, these visible veins pose no health threat. But they are cosmetically displeasing, and many people wonder what can be done to reduce or even altogether get rid of the problem. Here at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas, we may have an option that can help: laser treatment for veins.

We all know that healthy veins are part of our body. Veins carry oxygen to the heart and keep blood flowing when and where it is needed. But as years pass, some veins can become weak or damaged. Weak or damaged veins don’t allow blood to move as easily, and that blood can back up and pool in our veins. This is how varicose and spider veins form. The result is visible veins just beneath the surface of the skin; the veins look and sometimes even feel swollen and twisted. The most common area of the body for these damaged veins to appear are the lower legs and ankles, but sometimes they appear in other parts of the body as well.

There are certain risk factors for the development of these problem veins. The most common ones are genetics and heredity, age, pregnancy (varicose veins are a very common issue for some pregnant women), being overweight, and lack of regular exercise and movement. Leg trauma can also cause this problem. While they are almost always of no serious concern, there are times when a doctor should be consulted, such as if the veins are very painful or if blood clots or ulcers have formed. While rare, this can be the sign of a more serious medical problem, so always discuss painful veins with your regular medical doctor, just in case.

Once medical problems have been ruled out, chances are that you — like most people with this issue — will be looking for ways to get rid of them. Laser Treatment is a great option. It’s simple, effective, virtually pain-free, and is easy to do right in the comfort of our San Antonio office.

Laser vein therapy works by sending pulses of light through the skin and straight to the problem vein, which causes clots and scar tissue to form. While this is normally thought of as a bad thing, in this case it is purposeful and needed. Once the vein is damaged in this way, it will collapse and be reabsorbed by your body. As a result, the vein disappears from view and you are left with smooth, unmarked skin.

Like most laser treatments, you may not see perfect or full results after only one treatment. How many treatments you will require altogether depends on many factors, including the number of veins to be treated and your individual needs. Your doctor will discuss how many sessions will be best for you so that the full results can occur.

There are little to no side effects from this kind of laser treatment. Most people experience no pain, though some have reported a slight stinging sensation during the procedure. If you are concerned about any pain, let our doctors know. The problem can be easily prevented by simply applying a topical anesthetic to your skin prior to the procedure.

To learn more about laser vein treatment and whether it is the answer for you, call our office today.

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