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There have been far too many stories in the news about bogus doctors, specifically plastic surgeons, without proper licenses, certification, training or education who perform surgeries with less-than-stellar, and sometimes downright tragic, results. Knowing the background and certification of your plastic surgeon is imperative. Regardless of who you choose, do your due diligence and check the facts.

There are straightforward questions that any person can get answered to ensure that your surgeon is properly licensed, certified and able to deliver safe and effective results. Here are a few:

Verify your surgeon’s board certification and license of the doctor, which can be done through Texas’ (or your respective state’s) Board of Medicine. Confirm that the accreditation is, indeed, from a legitimate and trustworthy organization. Your doctor must be licensed to practice in the state they are in.

Not all doctors are alike. Be sure that the surgeon you are selecting can perform the surgeries listed on their available services. Just because a dermatologist is licensed, highly educated and trained in the dermatology field doesn’t mean they are the right choice for surgeries related to skin – like face lifts or liposuction. Choose the right doctor for the right procedure. Specialties exist for a reason.

Read reviews of the doctor you are considering. This will give you great insight into the performance of the surgeon, in addition to the environment, staff, processes and recovery you can expect.

Educate yourself about the anesthesiologist who works with your surgeon, as well as his or her licensing. The staff should be able to inform you about what type of anesthesia will be administered and by whom.

Find out if the facility where you will be having your procedure is Joint Commission Accredited. This can be found by the Gold Seal of Approval and mandates the highest standards in ambulatory and office-based surgery patient care. Patient safety and quality of care issues are at the forefront of Joint Commission standards and initiatives.

We have first-hand experience of patients who have come to us for fixes after having surgery performed by “surgeons” without the proper certification or misleading certifications. We have also seen horror stories in the national news. Plastic surgery is an investment. Make sure you are doing your homework to confirm that the investment is a wise one.

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