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Injectable Fillers – What You Need to Know

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Injectable fillers to help combat aging have been all the rage for years now. Botox, Juvederm, and Radiesse are the three most common fillers; it seems like you can’t turn on a television or open up a magazine without seeing an ad for one, if not all three. But what are they really, and what are the differences that you should know if you are considering trying one?

The Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas offers all three of these options for our patients. Let’s take a look at each one so you can learn more and decide which might be the best option for you.

Botox — it’s the biggie, the one people have been talking about for years and will probably be talking about for years to come. Botox is a brand name for the botulinum toxin that is created by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum — the same one responsible for botulism. But don’t worry — botulinum Type A – the kind that is in Botox – has been approved for medical and cosmetic use since the 1920s. It began being marketed commercially in 1997 and was approved for cosmetic use in 2002. A mere five years after FDA approval, Botox was the most common cosmetic procedure, with 4.6 procedures having been done in the United States alone.

In a cosmetic setting, Botox can be used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, brow lines or furrowing, and skin bands in the neck area. The process is quick and simple, and the results are long-lasting — about 4 to 6 months before another treatment is required.

Juvederm is another popular choice. Unlike Botox, which is derived from a bacterium, this type of dermal filler is a hyaluronic acid — a substance that is naturally present in the human body and can also be harvested from rooster combs or created in a laboratory for use in medicine and cosmetic procedures. Juvederm was approved in 2006 for use as a dermal filler and can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic concerns – including smoothing out facial wrinkles, plumping lips, treating acne scars and blemishes and even reducing wrinkles in the hands. Like Botox, Juvederm is injected in a professional office setting, but the results can last 8 to 12 months before repeated treatments.

There is also Radiesse. Radiesse is also known as calcium hydroxylapatite, and it is the heaviest of the facial fillers. It is a mineral and is entirely biosynthetic – meaning no animals or animal products are used to create it – which decreases the risk of allergens. Calcium hydroxylapatite produces very natural-looking results, doesn’t migrate and has along the lowest potential side effects. But it’s heaviness means it can’t be used for everything. Most often, Radiesse is used to fill deeper wrinkles, such as “marionette lines” or naso-labial folds, and also to make cheeks and other facial contours appear fuller and more round.

Radiesse is considered a semi-permanent cosmetic solution, with results appearing immediately and lasting a year or even longer — some studies have reported results lasting up to 18 months. It is also an injectable filler, which means the procedure is simple and easy, done right in your doctor’s office.

So which one is right for you? The best way to determine that is to talk to the professionals here at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas. Call our office in San Antonio, Texas, today to make an appointment so we can help you decide the best option to get you the results you want.

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