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How You Know You’re Ready

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You’ve been flirting with the idea of plastic surgery, and you know exactly what you want and want to look like. You have heard success stories from friends and family and think that you are ready to take the leap. You have found the surgeon and just have one question: Am I ready?

You will know you are ready for cosmetic surgery if you:

  • are not being pressured by anyone. This is your choice.
  • are realistic about your results in that it will simply improve your appearance.
  • understand and accept the potential risks associated with the procedure.
  • are in good physical and emotional shape. There are no underlying health or mental conditions undisclosed to your surgeon.
  • can afford all costs of surgery, including non-monetary costs such as recovery time.
  • have worked out timing, and it fits your schedule and didn’t commit to anything before you were ready.
  • are completely comfortable with your surgeon and the staff. Your surgeon has answered all of your questions and set up a surgical plan that is designed to achieve your goals. The staff is helpful and supportive.
  • don’t have have any unaddressed questions or fears.
  • have talked to your friends and family about your decision.

If you answered each of these positively then congratulations, you are ready to take that intentional step into a new you!

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