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How to Avoid the “Fake” Look with Breast Implants

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In times past, breast implants were tremendously influenced by celebrities and often compelled women to choose larger implants to improve their feminine curves and appearance. However, some of the most coveted celebrity bust sizes have dramatically reduced in size, which has caused a big transition in the desired result women want nowadays. No longer are women interested in larger implants that often give them a fake look. These days, they’re wanting smaller implants that would help them acquire a more natural look that complements their body all-around.

Choose the Right Surgeon

The first step to getting the results you desire from any kind of cosmetic surgery is choosing the right surgeon. Although many plastic surgeons nowadays can perform a variety of procedures, finding a surgeon in San Antonio who is specifically specialized in breast augmentation could be a sweeter deal, and you can be assured better results all the time. You may also bring along some photos of breasts you like so that our surgeon can have a clear image of the actual breast size you really want.

Select the Right Size

Our plastic surgeon would be happy to take body measurements when determining the ideal size for you. These figures can be crucial in that they usually determine the best implant size for you depending on your body mass, frame, and surrounding breast tissue. Our plastic surgeon may also ask you to try on implants of different sizes to see the image they draw when matched with different outfits. In other words, our surgeon will work hard to ensure your new breasts appear more natural.

Choose the Right Kind of Implant and Position

Ideally, choosing the right implant isn’t a decision you should make on your own. Our plastic surgeon will guide you and recommend some of the best choices that are very likely to meet your desired goals. The location of the implant very much depends on your personal lifestyle and natural breast tissue. Our surgeon will discuss some of the pros and cons experienced by most patients and will likely offer suggestions on what you should do to get the most natural look.

All in all, avoiding the “fake” look with breast implants is possible, especially when you have your procedure performed by Dr. Thomas T. Jeneby in San Antonio. For further inquiries and more information about breast augmentation, schedule an appointment at our office in San Antonio. Contact us today to book a consultation and get started!

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