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Am I a Good Candidate for XEOMIN?

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

The best candidates for XEOMIN® are adults who have frown lines right between their eyes. If you are tired of seeing these deep wrinkles on your face every time you look in the mirror, contact us to schedule a consultation to learn more about this treatment. We will give you in-depth information about how the product is used to help men and women achieve a more youthful appearance. We will help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

What You Can Expect during a XEOMIN® Treatment

What is a XEOMIN® treatment like? First, you should know that it is not going to take long. The vast majority of our clients are in our office for just a few minutes as their treatment is being completed. In fact, XEOMIN® injections are so quick and convenient that people often choose to get them during their lunch break.

The product is very gently injected into the muscles right between your eyebrows. The purpose of injecting it in these muscles is to help them relax. Once the product starts working, it will prevent frown lines from appearing on your face. Since they are not able to contract in the same way as they did before treatment, the skin that you have on top of these muscles right between your eyebrows is going to stay smooth. This means you will no longer have those deep creases between your eyebrows.

Is the Treatment Safe?

The answer to that question is definitely yes. It will make you feel comfortable having this treatment done understanding that it has been approved by the FDA for the safe and effective treatment of dynamic wrinkles. It has been used thousands of times not only in the United States but also in many different countries around the world. Its track record proves that it is a safe and effective product that can be used to help you reduce the signs of aging. Not only is it going to help you look younger, but it is also going to help you feel younger and much better about the way you look. In addition, XEOMIN® can also be used to treat excessive underarm sweating in those who are dealing with hyperhidrosis.

Many people who have chosen this treatment have found that their business opportunities and other opportunities in their lives have improved. It is a mixture of looking younger on the outside and feeling younger on the inside. When you look younger and feel better about your overall appearance, you have more self-confidence. You feel better overall, and this projects positive emotions and thoughts toward others.

Learn More About XEOMIN® Today

XEOMIN® offers a proven and effective treatment of dynamic wrinkles for up to four months. To maintain your results, you can safely come back for touch-up treatments as needed. Most healthy adults who want to smooth out their dynamic wrinkles make good candidates for treatment, but we can help you find out for sure at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas. To learn more about this treatment and the other services we offer such as breast augmentation in San Antonio, contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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