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Gain a New Self-Confidence with Ear Surgery

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Everyone has something about their appearance that they just don’t like. It may be that their hands are too small or maybe their belly sticks out a little bit more than they would like. It is just a fact of life that all of us have something about ourselves that we would love to improve. However, for the majority of people, these little imperfections are bothersome but not overwhelming. For others, their little imperfections affect them to the point of lowering their quality of life. One example of this is individuals who have ears that stick out farther than normal.

For a lot of people with this condition, their frustration with the appearance of their ears stems from when they were children. In school, the other children made fun of them about their ears, probably flicked their ears and came up with some very cruel names because of their ears. It is likely that friends, family and relatives added to the child’s self-consciousness by jokingly making fun of the kid’s ears.

It is understandable that if a child went through an experience like that, as an adult they would want to do whatever they could to fix the positioning of their ears. Ear surgery may be just what they need.

During ear surgery, our cosmetic surgeon will adjust how far the patient’s ears stick out from their head. It should be noted that this type of ear surgery will not change the position of the ears on the head, nor will it improve a person’s ability to hear. This is purely a cosmetic procedure that is designed to help an individual improve their quality of life and enhance their self-esteem.

For some, the idea of a cosmetic procedure being able to improve someone’s self-esteem seems kind of ridiculous. However, researchers at Clinical Psychological Science have clearly found that individuals who undergo plastic surgery may experience a higher sense of satisfaction and increased self-esteem. If the way your ears stick out from your head bothers you, do something about it. Ear surgery will make you feel better and will help you improve your self-esteem.

The best way for you to determine if you are a good candidate for ear surgery is to come in for a consultation at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio. Our medical staff will help you reach your aesthetic goals after evaluating the unique condition of your ears. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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