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Forever Young

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The Fountain of Youth—people long to find it. We haven’t found it and don’t know if anyone ever will. What we do know is that there are many ways to visually slow down the clock. If you start now, you can slow down the natural aging process so that further up the road, you’ll still be looking and feeling your best.

Moisturizing is key to keeping a young, fresh face. We know you’ve heard it before, but this is important enough to repeat a few times. Applying moisturizer right after a shower helps lock in moisture and keep skin healthy. While the face is the place most people are concerned with, don’t neglect other parts of your body. Hands, feet, neck, shoulders and elbows all need hydration as well!

Get in the habit of exercising regularly. It’s not enough to just start when you want to get in shape for a big event. For a healthy heart when you’re older, you need to start now. The more active you are in the present, the longer you will be able to remain so.

When you get a brand new car, you know that it needs gas and oil. Have you ever tried pouring coke into the gas tank? Of course not! Coke can’t give your car the energy it needs to run. The same is true with our bodies. We need the proper nutrients to have enough energy to do daily activities. When we’re young it feels like anything we eat will sustain us. Luckily, we know you know better than that. Eat what your body needs to run at its best. Fruits, vegetables and meats with good fats will take you a long way. Your car may be able to sustain itself with knock-off oil for a while, but sooner or later it will catch up and your once perfectly running engine isn’t going to work so well. Your body deserves to eat real food. Future you deserves more.

We can’t give you the key to immortality and we can’t promise that you won’t age—you will. If you follow this advice though, you never have to feel a day over 30. Of course, we can always get you looking younger. What we want is for the end result to be a representation of how you already feel on the inside.

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