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Correcting Underarm Sagging with an Arm Lift

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Sagging upper arm skin is a very common problem. Aging can cause the issue, as skin loses its elasticity and becomes less firm. Weight loss and weight fluctuation are common causes, particularly significant weight loss. There are no health issues associated with sagging arm skin, but it is aesthetically displeasing and many people want to know if there is anything that can be done to fix it. Sure, there is always exercising, but that isn’t always enough to really fix the sag factor. The Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas can help. We have procedures to fix those “wings” and get you the tight, toned arms you want.

The procedure that fixes sagging upper arm skin is known as a Brachioplasty. Brachioplasty reduces the sagging, drooping skin on the upper arms; tightens and smooths the tissues beneath the skin so that a more defined shape results; and helps to reduce the pockets of fat in the upper arm that add to the problem. It is a surgical procedure that is meant to correct issues that exercise cannot. There is traditional Brachioplasty for the entire upper arm, and also a “”mini-lift” option for those who don’t require full surgery. Liposuction may also accompany either style of arm lift in order to deal with excess or stubborn fat in the upper arms.

Whether you decide on a mini-lift or a traditional Brachioplasty, the procedure is essentially the same. First, you will have a consultation with one of our plastic surgery professionals in order to determine which lift is best for you, and whether you would also benefit from accompanying liposuction. The consultation is also important because this is a surgical procedure.

When dealing with any kind of surgery where anesthesia will be used, there are important medical questions and possible pre-operative steps that need to be considered and followed. For example, you might be asked to discontinue certain medications — such as blood thinners — before surgery, and you will likely be given a basic medical exam, including some lab work to make sure you are a healthy candidate for surgery. This is a common procedure for any surgery; if your lab work or medical exam results in any concerns, your surgeon can talk to you about them before the surgery is booked.

The surgery itself is very simple. Once you have been given your anesthesia and are ready for surgery, the doctor will begin by making an incision in the upper arm. Brachioplasty incisions are either on the inside or the back of the arm, depending on what your doctor thinks best. Mini-lift incisions are sometimes “hidden” in the armpit; traditional Brachioplasty incisions are longer, usually extending from the underarm to near the elbow. Your surgeon will discuss the incision and any resultant scarring with you prior to the surgery so you will know exactly what to expect.

Following incision, the surgeon will go into the arm in order to tighten and reshape the tissues there and correct the problems. Excess skin can be removed as well, and any excess fat will either be excised surgically or be removed with liposuction. After the reshaping and removal of excess skin or fat, the rest of the skin will be stretched and smoothed back into place, leaving you with a shapelier upper arm.

After your surgery, you will be given your postoperative care instructions. You will have bandages on your arm for a while, and you may also have a compression “sleeve” to keep swelling down. Your surgeon will explain all of the needed aftercare, including how long you can expect to be recovering from the surgery and what to do about follow-up visits.

If you have questions about Brachioplasty or any of the other procedures we offer, call our San Antonio office today to schedule a consultation.

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