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When to Consider a Neck Lift

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The body undergoes numerous changes as it ages. This can result in changes to skin tone, the development of pigment irregularities like moles, the addition of fat to areas where fat is difficult to remove via diet or exercise and loose skin.

While each of these symptoms is bothersome alone, it is when they all become present in one area that they can negatively affect a person’s appearance. The neck is one area of the body where excess fat, pigment issues, loose skin and a number of undesirable symptoms manifest as a person ages.

The good news is that a neck lift can help to solve these problems. With this procedure, you can effectively treat a few different age-related problems on the neck.

Fatty Areas Around the Neck

A “turkey neck” is one of the most common symptoms of an aging neck that requires the use of a neck lift to correct. It is a condition where excess fat deposits gather around the neck, which in turn stretches the skin.

Double chins and other fatty spots represent other conditions where a neck lift should be used. These conditions tend to respond poorly to diet and exercise alone, which means they tend to get worse as they are allowed to persist.

A neck lift can swiftly correct these areas. When coupled with proper diet and exercise, a neck lift may be able to permanently eliminate these problems.

Loose Skin

Loose skin is another condition that tends to develop with age. This happens because loose skin represents repeated or dramatic damage to the underlying collagen structures, but it is not the type of damage that the body can repair by itself.

A neck lift is capable of making dramatic corrections when loose skin is present. The excess skin is removed and the remaining tissue is reshaped to achieve a youthful appearance.

Scars and Other Aesthetic Problems

Permanent damage to the look and feel of the skin is another reason to pursue a neck lift. Moles, pigmentation issues, scars and other conditions may be removed during the removal of excess skin, which in turn can leave your neck looking beautiful and youthful. Though not necessarily a reason for a neck lift by themselves, the presence of these conditions may make a neck lift more favorable when loose skin or fat deposits are present on the neck.

Seek Professional Help with Your Neck

If you suspect that you might benefit from a neck lift, schedule an appointment at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio. Dr. Jeneby is one of the most reputable plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area, with patients visiting his surgical center from all over the globe for breast augmentation procedures, tummy tucks and much more. Contact his office today to request a consultation for a neck lift.

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