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What Causes Breast Sagging and How Can You Treat It?

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As a woman, you experience many body changes, and breast sagging is just one of them. Your breasts are made of ligaments and fats but are void of muscle tissues. Therefore, no amount or type of exercise will strengthen your breasts. You should know that there are several contributing factors to breast sagging and you should be privy to them so that you can prevent excessive sagging. If you’re considering a breast augmentation in San Antonio, you should call Jeneby Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation!

Lack of Proper Support

If you wear a supportive bra, it will maintain the shape and lift of your breasts. A lack of appropriate support will show in 30 to 40 years. Therefore, you should get a professionally-fitted supportive bra from stores that offer them.


Carcinogens found in cigarettes usually cause elastin to break down. Biologically, elastin is responsible for skin elasticity. If you smoke cigarettes, then it may be the time to quit to avoid further breakdown of elastin.

Weight Gain

Immense weight fluctuations can cause breasts to stretch unnecessarily. You should, therefore, strive to maintain your weight since losing excess weight in a short period may cause your breasts to droop.


Breastfeeding is the leading cause of breast sagging. However, the effects of pregnancy on your breasts can be pronounced after several pregnancies.


If you sunbathe regularly, UV rays from the sun damage the skin on your breasts making it lose elasticity. You should make sure that you use sunscreen with enough SPF every day.


As you age, the ligaments that make up the breast tissue stretch and lose elasticity. Accordingly, breast fullness is compromised since the underlying support system of fat and tissues diminishes. Menopause usually makes breast sagging more evident.

Gravitational Pull

If you have large breasts, you will be the most affected by gravitational force since it works on the skin and ligaments.


People have different types of genes. Genes play a vital role in determining a person’s ligament strength as well as their skin elasticity.

Lack of Vitamin B and C

Your skin needs vitamin B and C to support elastic tissues in the breast that help to maintain the shape and firmness of your breasts. You should ensure that you incorporate foods rich in vitamin C and B into your diet.

You can improve your self-image and confidence by getting a procedure such as a breast augmentation in San Antonio. Breast implants can help restore the volume lost as a result of age, pregnancy, sun damage or drastic weight loss.

You should not worry about sagging breasts anymore. Reclaim your youthfulness and your sensuality by contacting us today at Jeneby Plastic Surgery in San Antonio to book an appointment!

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