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Post-Surgery Recovery Tips

After every plastic surgery procedure comes a recovery period. It is important to care for yourself and ensure that you have someone to support and care for you following the procedure. While each different procedure will come with a specific set of instructions from...

Adjustable Breast Implants

Many women are in the market for breast implants, but there are always doubts about the aftermath of the surgery. I often hear these questions and concerns from patients: Will I want my breasts to be bigger than what I asked for? What if I don’t like how big they are?...

Rhinoplasty 101

Many people are self-conscious about their noses, which makes rhinoplasty one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery today. With that said, I thought I would give you all some details and background on this surgery. There are many reasons people choose to...

The Difference between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

In the wild world of plastics, saline and silicone usually trump. But there are a couple of significant differences, and these are the reasons that I use saline, rather than silicone. Both saline and silicone breast implants have an exterior silicone shell, however,...

What Do Most People Look For When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon?

The decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure requires a lot of contemplation and may lead to stress. Thoughts about the procedure itself, the effects of the surgery and fear of regretting the procedure are often in the forefront of each person’s mind. One way...

The Grey Area

The controversy surrounding parents who take their children for plastic surgery procedures is one that is likely not going away any time soon. That’s understandable because children’s bodies are not yet fully developed. Why change something that’s not done changing...

Plastic Surgery—A History

Too many people have negative opinions about plastic surgery and those who choose to “go under the knife." Plastic surgery may seem like it’s a cultural phenomenon that has blown up in recent years, but what many fail to realize is that it has been around for ages....

Bigger—Not Always Better

We see many women who come through our doors in search of breast implants. They come looking for what they know will enhance their figures and make them more confident. We are happy to oblige. Nothing makes us happier than the smile on our clients’ faces...

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