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Social media sensation Dr. Jeneby, plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas, has been in business for 16 years. He has broken many barriers and helped the average consumer peer into what plastic surgery actually looks like.

Dr. Jeneby has performed over:
- 1,000 Mommy Makeovers
- 3,000 pairs of Breast Implants
- 1,500 Tummy Tucks
- 200 BBL/Butt Implants
- 2,500 Liposuctions and Smart Lipo
- 100s of Rhinoplasties/Facelifts/Blepharoplasties!

His practice is accredited for 8 years with various inspections done along the way including the famous Joint Commission Office-Based Surgicenter. Performing thousands of plastic surgery procedures over the years, there will be some cases with complications. While every one is regrettable, it is inevitable that some patients will have issues, which is why Dr. Jeneby focuses lots of time, provides a good deal of material on post-op care, and makes himself available to address concerns early. Post-op care is generally when most infections occur, if not performed correctly. Dr. Jeneby lawsuit

Dr. Jeneby has thousands of 5 star reviews from former patients all over the web from RealSelf, MyMedLeads, Google, Facebook, you name it. His reputation is of a caring and excellent plastic surgeon. Dr. Jeneby reviews

One of his passions is to also give back to those in need, which is why he has donated 100s of hours to the Family Violence Center, providing free plastic surgery to those in great need of a chance to return to some semblance of normalcy. Dr Jeneby malpractice