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Busy During the Day? Learn About Moonlight Consults!

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Are you thinking about plastic surgery? Are you wondering how you can possibly fit a consult into your packed schedule? When you review the list of plastic surgeons in your area, most call it a day around five. You can’t take time off for your initial visit. You want to save your time for your actual procedure and recovery. You need a plastic surgeon who is willing to work with you to open the door to a procedure in the future. Consider Moonlight Consults with Dr. Jeneby, a renowned plastic surgeon in San Antonio.

Turn to a Doctor Who Understands Your Needs

Surgeons have full schedules every day. That’s why Dr. Jeneby understands that you have a big to-do list as well. You have work, your home, and your family obligations. It’s hard enough to schedule appointments for your primary care physician or the dentist. Going to a plastic surgeon is not a necessity. It’s your choice. You might have a hard time justifying an appointment that takes up part of your workday. Dr. Jeneby wants to accommodate your needs by giving you the opportunity to come in for an appointment that is after regular hours. Once a month, you can come in for five to ten minutes for your complimentary consult. Time slots are available during these Moonlight Consults from 4:45 to 6:00 PM. You need to reserve your slot. You can either send a text or call the office. You can look at Dr. Jeneby’s special events that are areas of focus during those evening consults, such as body sculpting. You can also take advantage of special discounts when you schedule one of these evening visits.

What Happens During a Moonlight Consult?

Your Moonlight Consult has the same purpose as a consult at any time of day. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Dr. Jeneby, discuss the concerns you have about your body, and learn about your options regarding surgical and non-surgical procedures. Plastic surgery could be the best way to reach your goals. Otherwise, you may benefit from dermal fillers and other procedures that won’t require any surgery. If you need financing for your procedure, you will be able to take care of that as well. At the end of the visit, you may know what direction you want to go, but you will never feel pressured to make a decision before you are ready.

Make Sure You are a Candidate for Your Procedure of Choice

You may think surgery is the only way to go to improve your appearance. Dr. Jeneby may recommend otherwise. He’ll also want to review your current health and any medical conditions you have. When determining if you are a good candidate for any type of surgical procedure, your safety has to be at the top of your surgeon’s list. If there is anything that could endanger your health, you’ll be advised of other options. If you need to get rid of excess weight, this should be tackled first before you can move forward with plastic surgery. If you are expecting, you’ll be advised to wait until after the birth of your baby before you have plastic surgery.

Schedule the Procedure That is Right for You

You may not have been sure about the procedure that would get you optimal results before your Moonlight Consult with Dr. Jeneby. Once you have your brief session, you’ll get an expert opinion and an opportunity to review all of your options. Agree on the right one for you and schedule your procedure for a future visit that works for both of you. This will give you the time you need to make arrangements at work. If you require assistance at home or need to plan for a ride on the day of the surgery, you can call on friends and family.

Why Go to a Moonlight Consult?

If you have been on the fence about plastic surgery or you aren’t sure about the best procedure to suit you and your needs, a brief consult with Dr. Jeneby can clear up any confusion. You’ll find out if now is the right time for a cosmetic procedure or if you should hold off for whatever reason. You may discover that a less invasive option will work for you. There have been many advances in the field of plastic surgery. You could benefit from one of the latest alternatives to transform your body or your face.

Work with a Doctor Who Has a Reputation for Excellence

Dr. Jeneby has been practicing in San Antonio for nearly twenty years. He has joint commission accreditation, giving you more reason to have your vote of confidence when you walk in for your evening consult. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has honored him with the title of diplomat. He is always learning about new procedures and improvements through continuing medical education for a total of 180 hours on a three-year basis. When you require anesthesia, an experienced anesthesiologist will be present as well. You’ll benefit from the presence of two highly qualified professionals. Whether you are coming in to focus on your face or your body, you can have peace of mind that you have turned to the right doctor.

What Kind of Procedures May Be the Right Fit for You?

If you are concerned about your facial features, Dr. Jeneby can review your options during your Moonlight Consult. A variety of procedures can help you to combat the passing of time. If you are tired of looking at wrinkles or the way your face has begun to sag, you could benefit from an eyelid lift, a brow lift, or a face lift, among other options. A neck lift can take care of drooping jowls. Chin augmentation can build up your chin to enhance its shape or give you definition. Rhinoplasty will give your nose the attention it deserves. Consider lip enhancement if your lips have lost their fullness or they’ve always been thin. You may notice one side of your lip is not the same as the other. Dr. Jeneby can make them match.

Target Areas of Your Body that You Want to Improve

Everyone is unique. You can’t expect to have the same figure as someone you envy. That doesn’t mean you can’t enhance an area that is disappointing to you. Many clients in San Antonio turn to Dr. Jeneby for breast augmentation when they aren’t happy with their breasts. Whether you want a reduction to trim your bust down to a more manageable size or you want to give yourself more volume with breast augmentation, Dr. Jeneby has the skills and experience to give you promising results. A breast lift might be right for you if your breasts have begun to suffer the effects of gravity and time. Pregnancy and weight loss can also cause your breasts to shift in a downward direction.

Clients often focus on improving their buttocks when they come in for a Moonlight Consult. If your bottom isn’t round and full, you can either have a fat transfer or get butt implants. A butt lift is another option to raise your buttocks, making them look perkier.

Don’t Forget About Your Waistline

The midsection is one of the biggest challenges for men and women. It’s hard to eliminate fat that doesn’t want to go away. If you are dealing with loose skin, it only gives you more trouble. You may not be able to get your abdominal muscles to tighten up the way you want. It can be really frustrating when you work out and make healthy choices only to be disappointed about your tummy. A tummy tuck can take care of all of your problems, including excess skin, fat deposits, and loose muscles.

A Lift Could Help You

If you have worked hard to get rid of unwanted weight, it can really boost your confidence. However, you could still have issues with sagging skin and deposits of fat. A body lift or an arm lift are only two examples of what Dr. Jeneby can do to tighten up an area that is drooping on your body. One of the most important parts of the procedure is getting rid of that loose skin that won’t tighten up on its own. Excess weight stretches out your skin, leaving it behind even after you have lost weight. Dr. Jeneby can get rid of it for you, as well as target any deposits of fat that have lingered, helping you to have your best body ever.

Discover Alternatives to Surgery

During your Moonlight Consult, Dr. Jeneby may point you toward a minimally-invasive or non-surgical alternative to enhance your appearance. You may not have considered the benefits of dermal fillers, so he’ll make sure to let you know about all of your options. If you want to be more conservative or you aren’t ready to go through a surgical procedure, Dr. Jeneby can help you to choose the optimal treatment for you.

Learn More During a Moonlight Consult

The only way to find out what options are waiting for you is to set up your appointment to meet with Dr. Thomas Jeneby in San Antonio. You can contact our staff to schedule your visit or send in a text. The main goal is to make life easier for you. With our Moonlight Consults option, you’ll be able to come in for a later appointment to find out if you are ready for plastic surgery or other alternatives with Dr. Jeneby. Contact us today to book your appointment and get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

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