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Breast Implants Surgery: Tips for a Quicker Recovery

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The search for the perfect body by the modern woman has led to an increase in popularity of breast implants. Doctors have been perfecting the art and are trying to make recovery time quick and comfortable. Here are tips that will help you to heal faster so you can enjoy the results of your treatment with Jeneby Plastic Surgery. Call us today to learn more about breast augmentation in San Antonio!

Don’t Sleep Face Down for a Few Weeks

After the procedure, it’s advisable to lie on your back with your face up. When you sleep facing down, the implants may get deformed and cause the breast to droop. Sleeping sideways should also be avoided, especially in the first week, because it can push the implant to the armpits or cause lateral dislocation.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Excessive exertion on your arms and chest after the surgery is risky. Avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent the risk of displacing the implants or bleeding. Keep track of your activities regularly to ensure that your blood pressure does not go above 100.

Avoid Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and smoking should be avoided a few weeks before the surgery. To enjoy a smooth recovery process, avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking for two months after the surgery. Smoking delays healing by hindering blood flow in the body. Furthermore, cigarettes and alcohol can interact with your prescribed drugs to cause infections.

Stay Away from Tanning Beds

Statistics reveal that tanning beds affect the healing process and can cause scarring. If you want better results, avoid the beds for eight weeks because the heat radiation negatively impacts your skin’s overall health. Also, steer clear of sunbathing for the first few weeks because the sun’s rays will cause a similar effect.

Don’t Use Bathtubs and Swimming Pools

Don’t submerge your entire body under water, especially during the first few weeks when the incisions are not fully closed. Plunging in water may leave your breast implants susceptible to infection. Take short, warm showers to help the muscles relax, accelerating recovery.

Avoid Wearing Underwire Bras

Underwire bras can cause pressure and friction which translates to the irritated and inflamed skin. The wire has been reported to delay recovery so avoid these bras for ten weeks after the surgery.

Follow these tips for a successful recovery after you’ve gotten breast implants in San Antonio. Keep in mind that people heal differently and other underlying factors, such as lifestyle and genes, can influence the speed of recovery. If you want more advice, or to book a consultation for breast implants in San Antonio, contact us at Jeneby Plastic Surgery.

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