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Breast Asymmetry and its Impact on Self-Confidence

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When it comes to their appearance, young girls of today are often influenced by the images they see of women in magazines, on social media, and on television. However, imagine being a young girl and realizing that achieving the perfect body shape is impossible because of breast asymmetry.

Physical Appearance and Self-Confidence

Self-esteem and emotional well-being are significantly lower in girls with asymmetrical breasts than girls with symmetrical breasts. A closer look suggests there are self-confidence similarities between girls with asymmetrical breast sizes and adult women who have negative self-esteem after having breast cancer. A similarity also exists between girls with asymmetrical breast sizes and adolescent boys with larger breasts than those of other boys within their peer group.

Ironically, while federal insurance provisions provide coverage for surgery to repair breast asymmetry for adult women after breast cancer, no such provisions exist to offer the same option to adolescent or younger women. Perhaps this is because breast asymmetry often evens out for the most part, as younger women progress into adulthood. However, this isn’t always the case, as you may know all too well.

It has long been understood that mental health is impacted by self-esteem, and self-esteem is directly related to body image. But, up to this point, the specific topic of breast asymmetry, and its impact on lower self-confidence levels in young women, has not really been explored.

Early Intervention

Early intervention could have a huge impact on the future confidence levels of younger women. For obvious reasons, the most effective early intervention for many young women in San Antonio is breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a big step in any person’s life. If you’ve thoughtfully considered the options available to you, and you believe that cosmetic surgery is a step in the right direction for improving your breast asymmetry, contact us the office of Thomas T. Jeneby, MD in San Antonio. Get in touch with us today for a consultation!

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