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Benefits of SmartLipo Body Sculpting

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You’ve tried the clunky treadmills and the fad diets that tell you to eat nothing but bananas for days. You’ve done squats until you’ve fallen over. Nothing seems to give you the results you want. Fortunately, a new procedure can finally eliminate unwanted fat cells and create real results in just one session. It’s called SmartLipo® Body Sculpting.

What Is SmartLipo® Body Sculpting?

SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is a special cosmetic procedure that treats fat deposits in problematic areas using laser fiber technology. While regular liposuction procedures remove fat from your body in a solid form, fat removal with SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is done in liquid form, creating less trauma for the body and better recovery for the patient.

The procedure typically uses only local anesthesia, so there’s no need to be completely sedated. In addition, you’ll be able to leave the office and go home almost directly after the procedure is complete. There is no in-hospital stay.

The Benefits of SmartLipo® Body Sculpting

Fat cells are destroyed

There is no magical way to rid the body of fat, but SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is the closest thing to it. The procedure completely removes unwanted fat via a tube, so you’ll be immediately lighter and slimmer after one visit.

It gives you a great shape

The procedure has sculpting in the name because the removal of stubborn fat deposits will re-contour your body and create a better shape. You can have love handles, back or breast fat, excess skin from pregnancy, and large breasts in males removed with this procedure. Fat can also be taken from the jawline and neck.

It tightens the skin

In addition to physically taking out fat, SmartLipo® also tightens your skin so that it will no longer droop or sag. Your skin will be smoother and toned to match your improved figure.

It’s a minimally invasive procedure

SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is unlike traditional liposuction because you’ll be out of the office quickly. There’s no general anesthesia used, and generally no discomfort during this procedure.

The recovery time is shorter

You can look forward to getting back to your normal activities shortly after undergoing SmartLipo®, as this treatment does not cause as much trauma to the body as traditional liposuction does.

Do You Qualify?

SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is for both men and women, and most of our candidates are over the age of 40. You should be in good physical and mental health to be eligible for this procedure. It will be determined during your initial consultation whether SmartLipo® Body Sculpting is appropriate for you. Contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas to find out if SmartLipo® is right for you.

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