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Benefits of Plastic Surgery: Inside and Out

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Plastic surgery can enhance an individual’s natural beauty and intensify or remove aesthetic features. The goal of plastic surgery is to enhance not only physical characteristics but also improve the individual’s psychological well-being. This is one of the primary reasons why many plastic surgeons will conduct a pre-surgical consultation, for the purpose of evaluating the client’s needs and desires. When completed professionally, plastic surgery can provide happiness and completely change a person’s world. Here are some of the benefits one can expect after plastic surgery.

Increased Self-Confidence

Plastic surgery can help increase self-esteem and confidence. This is especially true if you have completed a procedure that you were considering for quite some time, like breast augumentation for women or a breast reduction for men. Many women have reported feeling like “real women” once they have completed a breast augumentation. Similarly, men have reported also feeling much more confident while at the gym or beach after having completed a breast reduction.

Rejuvenated Appearance

Both body and facial procedures have the ability to create a more youthful and refreshed appearance. For example, a facelift and an eyelid procedure are often used to provide a more energized face that may appear tired. After completing surgery, many patients have stated that the results were well worth the expense. Many individuals wish they had received the procedures sooner.

More Proportionate Facial Profile

While helping individuals obtain their desired look, cosmetic surgery can also correct any flaws that interfere with the harmony of the face. Two well-known treatments are nose surgery and ear surgery. The surgeon will normally make very small adjustments in the nasal shape. A slight change in the nasal shape can greatly alter the balance that exist with other facial features. Ear surgery can greatly alter the appearance of the head and face by adjusting protruding ears.

Weight Loss Transformation

Plastic surgery is also a wonderful option for individuals that have lost a great deal of weight. After losing large amounts of weight, there may be excessive amounts of skin on the abdomens, thighs, and arms. The excessive skin can be removed during procedures such as an arm lift, body lift, or tummy tuck. The result is often a slender and more beautifully contoured body.

Internal Harmony

Plastic surgery can make you look visibly younger and make you feel youthful on the inside. In many cases, a simple non-surgical treatment is all that is needed. Injections of Xeomin may be all that’s required to produce dramatic results. Some individuals may require a more advanced procedure such as a post-bariatric lift.

Plastic surgery increases self-confidence, rejuvenates appearance, enhance facial profiles, assist in weight loss transformation, and provides an internal harmony. It can be an excellent option for someone who is dissatisfied with their facial features or the appearance of their body.

Contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas to discover what your options are and how you can enhance your overall appearance. When you feel beautiful on the outside, you also feel beautiful on the inside. Doctor Thomas Jeneby and our medical team will work with you to ensure you get the results you want in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

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