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Benefits of Adjustable Breast Implants

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Adjustable breast augmentations are the future of cosmetic surgery. These breast enhancements are saline-filled and the surgeon can add or remove saline up to six months after surgery, until the desired size is achieved. The final effect is a customizable bust size, which is something women everywhere are rejoicing about.

Doctor Thomas Jeneby at Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas was the first to offer adjustable breast implants in San Antonio, allowing his patients to get the perfect size breast augmentation. These implants are implanted through a traditional breast augmentation, but require follow-up visits to adjust the size. If you’re interested in adjustable breast implants, contact Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas today.

Adjustable breast implants still have all the benefits of traditional breast implants, but they offer the post-op freedom to adjust the size. Studies have shown that many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts following an augmentation – often wishing that they were a larger size. Now, Dr. Jeneby can increase the size of your breast implant up to six months following the initial procedure.

While the cup size can be adjusted, the weight will be distributed in an aesthetically equal fashion. Each breast’s overall diameter will not be altered as the circumference is enhanced. This combination leads to a perfectly round shape, which is exactly what everyone desires. Additionally, the saline makes these enhanced breasts feel much more realistic. They keep their original firmness without succumbing to the hardness that plagues other augmentation approaches.

Adjustable breast implants are great for women who may want large breasts, but aren’t sure of how large they want to go. A lot of women err on the side of caution when choosing their augmented breast size. They worry about the final size, and if they are going to be too big or big enough. If this is the case for you, adjustable breast implants can offer the gradual change you’ve been looking for. If your initial augmentation is smaller than you’d like – or larger – Dr. Jeneby can adjust the implants accordingly.

The adjustment is done through a small port that is put into place under the skin during the initial augmentation. Three months after your breast augmentation, Dr. Jeneby can add or remove saline to the implants through that port. You are fully awake during the adjustment, so you can let Dr. Jeneby know when the implant has been adjusted to the perfect size. Six months after the initial procedure, the port is removed, leaving you with perfectly sized breasts.

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