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Benefits of Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

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Losing a breast to cancer, a benign growth or a harrowing accident can bring up a lot of emotional questions for a woman. Deciding whether or not to undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can be one of the hardest questions to answer.

If you’ve lost one or both breasts to a mastectomy, there are some benefits to ponder before making your final decision.

Restoring Body Balance

Athletic women who have lost a breast may notice that their balance is negatively affected. Swimmers may note a difference in buoyancy, affecting their body position in the water.

Dancers and gymnasts may note a marked feeling of imbalance when turning or spinning in the direction of the lost breast. While this sensation may subside with further practice, it’s possible that she may never integrate the feeling of being off-balance and continue to be held back in her sport.

A reconstruction can help add back the weight of the breast and resolve the issue entirely.

Restoring Aesthetic Balance

If you don’t like the look of your chest with or without a prosthesis, it may be time to contemplate a breast reconstruction surgery. Restoring aesthetics can also restore confidence and self-esteem, in addition to helping a woman’s clothing fit better.

Scar Revision

Not all mastectomies are done by surgeons experienced in plastic surgery. For this reason, your scars may be raised, large and unsightly. They may even be placed right where your bras lay, creating discomfort or skin rashes.

If you want your scar revised, a reconstruction can help minimize them and place them in better areas. While you will still have scars, they can be made less conspicuous and smaller by a skilled plastic surgeon.

More Sexual Confidence

Many women view their breasts as part of their sexual attractiveness, making a missing breast a blow to their desirability. This can range from a mild sense of embarrassment to a full-on inability to be intimate with a partner.

If this is the case for you, you may feel unsexy or undesirable. Having the breast surgically reconstructed can help you regain your sexual confidence and feel sexy once more.

A Feeling of Closure

For some women, the act of reconstructing their breast is the final step in a long series of procedures. Cancer patients, especially, may view their reconstruction as a way of putting an end to their cancer journey and taking back what their illness took from them. If you are seeking closure in this way, it may be time for a breast reconstruction.

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