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Bellafill Myths Put to Rest

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In today’s world, beauty is a focus for many people, something that is not without its challenges. Among them are facial issues including lines, pimples, and wrinkles. As a result, many treatments have come along to help those who need them. One such treatment is long-term fillers. They are excellent for acne, smile lines, and more. BellafillⓇ is one of the leading types on the market today. However, like other long-term fillers, BellafillⓇ has been the subject of a number of myths, and they happen to be untrue. Today, we take a look at three of them and happily put them to rest.

My fillers will move

There have been rumors that long-term fillers such as BellafillⓇ can move to areas other than the injection site after the fact. This, however, is false. Once your dermal fillers are injected, they will stay in place until they are absorbed by the body.

My fillers will be obvious to others

Another common myth is that fillers can lead to either hardened areas or possibly lumps. There used to be issues like this surrounding injectable silicone, but BellafillⓇ has had no such issues. In fact, the granuloma level for BellafillⓇ is a mere one percent, which is far lower than any other fillers including its European counterpart.

My fillers will show through later on

It may sound a bit odd, but this myth claims that over time the fillers will begin to be visible due to the thinning of the skin as you continue to age. This is also untrue. When BellafillⓇ is properly injected into the appropriate layer of the skin by a trained professional, and when done in the correct part of the face, there should be no risk of it showing through the skin in later years.

These myths may not sound so credible, but they have seen widespread exposure on the web and in other media, and they just are not accurate for this treatment. BellafillⓇ is one of the top injectable treatments out there, and it’s quality and performance are well documented. If you have any need for a long-term filler, don’t hesitate to give BellafillⓇ a try.

If you do decide to try it, be sure to choose a well-trained injector to do the work. Dr. Jeneby is a well-known plastic surgeon and is very skilled with injections of all kinds. Call his office today to set up your consultation to find out if Bellafill is right for you!

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