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Beauty Sleep

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Rest is essential to your life in many ways. Sleep is necessary for growth, recovery and energy. The quality of your sleep will greatly affect your energy levels. Start by asking yourself a few questions and challenge your body and rest patterns in order to fully recharge:

“Am I getting enough sleep?” – Everyone’s body is different, and therefore, some people require less sleep than others. Typically six to eight hours a night is standard to feel well-rested and for your body to recover from vigorous activity or even surgery. Try, for one week, to go to bed at a decent hour and wake up at a time to where your body is getting eight hours of sleep. Then move the scale up and down to find the ideal number. We cannot always get eight hours of sleep and usually have to function on less, but for this exercise try to find that “right” amount.

“Am I getting too much sleep?” – On weekends, despite being able to sleep in, are you still sometimes lethargic and tired? That could be because you got too much sleep. It is good to try and keep that same schedule even on weekends. It is impossible to catch up on sleep during the weekends.

“Am I waking up feeling rested?” – Rules for the bedroom: the only things you should do in your bed are sleep and have sex. No reading, watching television or browsing your phone. Leave your bedroom for sleep and sex only. It is known that television, the sound and the lights can keep your body awake due to the spectrum of light it creates that gives your body the illusion of a sun rise. The constant sound and light can be a distraction and will not allow your body to enter REM sleep. REM sleep is where your body actually recharges.

Caffeine can serve as salvation throughout our days, but don’t fully rely on coffee and sugars to give your body a boost. Rest up, angels, and get the beauty sleep that your body and mind needs and deserves.

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