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Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Massage San Antonio

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

Ballancer Pro San Antonio
Ballancer Pro San Antonio

Introducing the Ballancer Pro: The Revolutionary Lymphatic Experience

We are excited to announce that we now offer the extraordinary Ballancer Pro compression therapy system. This cutting-edge technology is designed to provide the most enhanced circulation and flush-out of lymph, ensuring a gentle and relaxing massage experience.

What is the Ballancer Pro?

The Ballancer Pro is a cutting-edge compression therapy that has altered conventional approaches to body maintenance and rejuvenation.

The Ballancer Pro is the absolute best option for activating your lymphatic system quickly, safely and reliably. This technology facilitates the body’s natural detoxification processes while also easing localized congestion.

Ballancer Pro Dr Jeneby San Antonio

The Newest & Safest Compression System

The Ballancer Pro is not only non-invasive, but it has also been approved by the FDA. The Balancer Pro is most effective when used in conjunction with other treatments for improving one’s health and appearance. Lymphatic drainage is a tried-and-true strategy for speeding up recovery and decreasing post-op symptoms like swelling and bruising, and it may be used after any surgical procedure, from liposuction to a mommy makeover.

When it comes to compression therapy, the Ballancer Pro is your best and safest bet. This method, which has been approved by the FDA and is based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage, is “light years” ahead of any other compression therapy device. “The Rolls Royce of Lymphatic Massage” is a term often used to describe the Ballancer Pro.

How Does the Ballancer Pro Treatment Work?

The Ballancer Pro starts by gently draining the lymph nodes, paving the way for optimal lymphatic flow. As the treatment progresses, the suit applies precisely calibrated compression, starting from the extremities and moving into the thoracic area. This revolutionary process guarantees exceptional results and an unparalleled lymphatic massage experience.

To simulate a Lymphatic Drainage massage, two patented garments with 24 individual chambers each are used to exert light, methodical pressure anywhere on the body. The most soothing and relaxing effect is achieved by applying pressure in a steady, wavelike motion.

With the Ballancer Pro pants, you can improve your fitness around your waist, outer legs, and behind. This jacket is great for your back and arms because it gives you support.

Ballancer Pro Dr Jeneby San Antonio

The Safest and Most State-of-the-Art Compression Therapy System

Backed by decades of medical studies and FDA clearance, the Ballancer Pro stands as the safest and most advanced compression therapy system worldwide. It is based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic massage, ensuring both effectiveness and safety for our clients.

What is the Ballancer Pro Treatment Like?

Based on decades of medical research, the new Ballancer Pro has a special cycle called Pre-Therapy® that rubs the lymphatic veins and lymph nodes close to the body’s center. The lymph nodes, which are often full of fluid first, are drained by this gentle, relaxing massage. This makes it easier for the lymph to move around. As the process continues, the stress starts to move down the arms and legs.

There are an infinite number of setting combos, so each person can have a unique and different experience. Some of the most important and well-tuned cycle settings are:

  • Wave cycle: A long, deep, and slow massage-like compression that is especially good for getting better quickly after working out or when you have “heavy legs” or pain.
  • Ballancer cycle: A short, light, and quick peristalsis massage.
  • Pretherapy cycle: Lymph nodes in the groin or armpit (areas close to the body) are stimulated.
Ballancer Pro San Antonio
Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Massage San Antonio
Ballancer Pro San Antonio

Experience the “Rolls-Royce” of Lymphatic Massage

The Ballancer Pro is in a league of its own, surpassing other systems by light years. That’s why it has earned the prestigious title of “The Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Massage.” We take immense pride in working with the best in every industry, and you’ll find the Ballancer Pro represented in highly trusted and 5-star reviewed medical, aesthetic, and wellness facilities worldwide. It is also the preferred choice for training facilities catering to the world’s most elite athletes.

How fast will I see results?

After the first session you will notice change right away. Most of the time, 12 lessons spread out over three to four weeks work well.

Is there any downtime with Ballancer Pro?

The Ballancer Pro requires no downtime, and when used with other treatments, can speed up recovery time!

How long does each session last?

Depending on the technique, sessions can run anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

Benefits of Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Massage San Antonio

  • Toxins are removed by the detoxification process, which involves flushing them out
  • Reduces swelling and the appearance of puffiness
  • Helps to contour the body
  • Helps to reduce fat in the stomach, upper arms, knees, and legs
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Helps to improve skin tone
  • The calming abdominal massage aids in the elimination of gastrointestinal issues.
  • Beneficial for reducing swelling and fibromyalgia discomfort.
  • Helpful in reducing the visibility of stretch marks
  • Used for the treatment of lymphatic disorders such as Lymphedema.
  • Athletic recovery: shortens the time it takes to recover and gets rid of lactic acid from the muscles

Great For Athletes and Body Toning

  • Based on manual lymphatic drainage principles, the Ballancer Pro is the most effective treatment currently available.
  • In as little as 20-40 minutes, it improves patients’ capacity to exercise after experiencing muscular weariness.
  • The metabolic waste products, lactic acid, and toxins produced during exercise can be immediately flushed out after just one session.
  • Muscle fatigue and recovery time between workouts are cut in half after only one session.
  • When you get treatment on a regular basis, you heal faster after an accident or sports injury.
  • Edema and swelling are greatly reduced.
  • Because it calms the nervous system, it keeps people from overtraining.
  • Increases blood flow and breaks up scar tissue while bringing new, healthy blood to the area.

How to Know If You Have Sluggish Lymphatic System

There are a number of indications that the lymphatic fluid in your body is not flowing as efficiently as it should and that toxins are accumulating as a result.

  1. Bloated appearance
  2. Finger swelling
  3. Feeling tired and chronic fatigue
  4. Cloudiness of the head or “brain fog”
  5. Excess weight
  6. Worsened allergy symptoms
  7. Dry or itchy skin
  8. Enlarged or swollen lymph nodes
  9. Persistant digestive issues
  10. Parasites
  11. Food sensitivities
  12. Depression
  13. Sinus infections
  14. Increased sickness or chronic cold and flu
  15. Soreness or stiffness after waking up
  16. Unexplained pains or injuries
  17. Excess weight gain
  18. Cold feeling feet and hands
  19. Constipation and other bowel troubles

Lymphatic System’s Functions

Lymph, a transparent fluid, is transported throughout the body through the lymphatic system, which is a network of tubes, glands, the spleen, the thymus gland, and the lungs. The main difference between lymph and blood is that lymph does not include any hemoglobin or proteins found in blood. Other than that, lymph is composed of the same components as blood. In order to rid the body of harmful pollutants, the glands, ducts, and lymph nodes that are components of the lymphatic system act as filters. The lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating waste, transporting nutrients, and serving as the primary location for the immune system. Without this structure, there is no way that life could exist.

Ballancer Pro in San Antonio
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