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What are Adjustable Breast Implants?

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Imagine if you could change the size of your breasts just by thinking it. Although they’re not nearly this powerful, adjustable breast implants do let you change the size of the implants. If you have implants that are adjustable, you can choose between smaller or larger breasts. However, you only have the first six months after the procedure to decide on the size.

The problem is that many women have trouble deciding on a breast size. Since all bra manufacturers are different, it’s quite common for women to get confused and not understand the true size of the implants they’re thinking about getting.

Adjustable implants are very useful because they allow for small adjustments to be made after surgery. Since they’re adjustable, these implants let women go 20 percent smaller or larger.

How Adjustable Breast Implants Work

If you’re considering breast augmentation in the San Antonio area, you should learn more about adjustable breast implants. Once you’ve undergone the surgery and received the implants, you’ll have six months to test out the implants. Depending on your preferences, you can come back and have your implants toned down or pumped up.

The problem that many women face is swelling. During the first two months after breast augmentation, the area tends to remain swollen, so it’s almost impossible to determine the true size.

After two months have passed, the swelling lessens, and patients can decide if they’re happy with the results. Traditional implants require a complete replacement of the implants, which can get quite complicated.

The Benefits of Adjustable Breast Implants

If you decide to get traditional implants, there aren’t many options if you decide that you’re unhappy with the results. The only option is to redo the entire surgery. With adjustable implants, you have up to six months to decide if you’d like to go bigger or smaller.

If you have uneven breasts or can’t decide on a particular size, adjustable implants are worth considering. They’re also great for patients who’ve had previous problems with implant size and don’t want to get locked into a specific size.

The procedure for adjustable implants is almost identical to standard breast augmentation, but the biggest difference is the type of implants used.

Why Choose Adjustable Breast Implants?

Adjustable breast implants represent a notable advancement in breast augmentation technology, offering a dynamic and customizable solution for patients. Unlike traditional implants with a fixed volume, adjustable implants allow for post-surgical volume adjustments. This unique feature enables fine-tuning of breast size to better align with a patient’s preferences or accommodate changes over time. The adjustment process involves a non-invasive procedure in which a saline solution is added or removed from the implant through a discreet port. This adaptability not only caters to individual aesthetic goals but also provides a versatile option for those undergoing reconstructive surgery after mastectomy or other breast-related conditions. Adjustable breast implants empower both patients and surgeons with the flexibility to achieve optimal results and address specific needs throughout the course of treatment. Consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon is crucial for individuals considering adjustable implants, ensuring a personalized and informed decision based on their unique circumstances.

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