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Ep 14 Backs Butts and Boobs

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

– Welcome everybody. Today, we are here with Q&A with Dr. J. I hope you all have had a great weekend. Last weekend was a super success, where we hosted the Billy Madison Show Live Event at the Freeman Coliseum, and we ended up seeing about a thousand people at this event. It’s the BMS KISS FM Show, and me and Dr. A sponsored it. We had almost 100 people sign up for procedures, spa stuff, all this good stuff, and we had a great time. We’ll be posting pictures. You can see some of the pictures on the website and stuff, but we enjoyed everybody there. Tonight, a little housekeeping. Everybody that texts in tonight to 210-910-5328, will get a choice of $99 Juvo, put it on there, $99 Juvo, that gives you 20 units. Usually you require 40 and above to really get something going, but 20’s a nice start. 20 can get either here, here, or a little bit up here. So, usually we do the 20 so that you guys can see it, or you get $250 off surgery, even our best price, and we have some great deals comin’ up. We have our, this looks like, this is Facebook, isn’t it?

– [Joe] I think so.

– Does that look like Facebook to you? Yeah.

– [Joe] Uh, yeah. It looks like Facebook.

– Okay. So, so sorry, we’re getting our cameras mixed up today. Today, the cameras are a little bit mixed up, and we’re gonna put our Twitter camera right there. Yeah, that is definitely Facebook. We’re gonna put our Twitter camera right here. It is too far away, and I am being washed out. Yes, I know, sometimes stuff doesn’t work, just like a newsroom. So, we have a lot of people joining. Trying to wave at all of you guys, and you get to see what happens behind the scenes there. So, we’re also giving away, we’re not giving away, but for $199 you can try TightLase, which is our cellulite machine, that what it does, is resurfaces the skin on light, light cellulite, and resurfacing the skin on light cellulite really, really helps to kinda smooth it out totally. So, those are our housekeepings, we’re gonna put ’em up on Instagram too. Again it’s the $99 Juvo for 20 units. $250 off surgery, or a $199 for a try me price on TightLase. Guys, you’re gonna love TightLase. What’s really, really good, is if you combine TightLase with CoolSculpting, and CoolSculpting is good because we can do non-invasive fat stuff, but then we have the TightLase, and what that does is it gets to shrink all the way around. So, welcome, welcome one, welcome, welcome all. Santa just said hello. Hi Facebook, here, hello. Hi Santa. Hope all is well, and we have a ton of, ton of people joining us on Instagram, which we are waving to everybody that we can. So, today’s topic we wanna mix things up a little bit. We wanna do backs boobs and butt. Lost of women come and they’ll say, “Hey, you know what, I have this extra stuff “in the upper back.” Or, “I wanna get my boobs and my butt done.” So, what do we do? Well, the first thing I do when somebody asks me about, let’s start with your butt and work upper. When you get a BBL, you can often liposuction the back, so you’re gonna get two things at once. You’re gonna get the BBL and you’re gonna get the liposuction that comes with the BBL, and what that does is when you get all that fat out, instead of throwing away, we can put it right into your back and it’s really awesome. I’m gonna show you some pictures. I’m gonna show you some pictures of some butt implants as well. ‘Cause if you get a butt implant,

Patsy Haberras says, “Hello y’all.” Cindy Orios is watching, welcome. What I’m gonna show you is, I’m gonna show you that some butt BBL’s and I’m gonna show you some butt implants and I’m gonna show you pictures of both. Butt implants typically give you a little bit of a harder look. If you really want that projection and you want guaranteed projection because remember, a butt implant doesn’t lose fat. You don’t have those problems. So, when you see those butt implants. Like, when you see, the difference between a butt implant and a BBL, which I’m gonna show you. I’m gonna show you first the butt implant and if you gals, if you’re skinny, you just don’t have a choice. I mean, you’re either going to do, you’re either gonna gain 30-50 pounds, and then allow me to lipo. So, you’re talking upper, lower abdomen flanks, upper back, posterior back, posterior flank, sort of a lipo 360, placing it all in the buttocks, or you can place a butt implant and what you get is this really, pretty nice curve of your butt without, and it’s a pretty hard look. So, this is a lady, she’s a small girl. Hopefully you can see it, but so she had a butt implant. She had a medium butt implant, and as you can see, I’m gonna try to get the contrast a little better so you guys can see it a little better. Just tryin’ to see, this may be a little washed by this light. You wanna turn down the light over there, just a little bit? Yeah, okay. So, you can see here a butt implant, and this screen is a little bright. I’ll try to turn down the screen lighting for you, here, and see if we can get this screen to be a little bit less bright.

Ah, let’s see. No, we’re pretty much low as, almost as low as possible. So, screen brightness, I’ve always had a problem with this. Ah, screw it. This is what you get. You get this sort of a hard look. You get almost a perfect slope to your butt when do a butt implant, and this lady didn’t have a large one. Because you’re tiny, you can get a butt implant like this is a small or a medium, and again a small or medium is still large in the small person. So, what we have here is a butt implant, okay, on a small person can be a small or medium. So, we have a lot of people joining us. I’m gonna try to wave at you all, and almost done here, and so we’re gonna go into over and now I’m gonna show you another butt implant and then we’re gonna go to a BBL. So, let’s look for another butt implant for you, and again this is on the website. So, I’m just looking right at the website, and what we have here is, and while it’s loading, remember, you can not get a large butt if you don’t have any fat, and I know you girls are thinking about it. I’m gonna show you this one, because this lady had butt implants done in a different country, and she came to me to get it fixed, and this will also segway into the back. So, this was her butt implant. Judy O’Malley says, “Hello.” And Norma Coralis, you’re watching. And Valerie Adrianne was being asked. So, this lady had an implant from a different country on that side. They were over the muscle.

They got hard and contracted, okay, and what I did, I took these implants out and then I performed a, took out some of the capsule in the old contracted part and then I put new implants in, intramuscularly, and I also lipoed the sides up here, okay? So, I went all the up to the top of the back and you can see, not only did she get a nicer shape, Michelle Lopez says, “Hello”, so hello Michelle. So, as you can see, old implants over the muscle, they are contracted, they’re not doing well. I took them out and put them under, into the muscle, called intramuscular technique, and this is what you get. Again, you can see from the side, sorry there’s a door handle there, that kinda sucks, but you can see from the side her old projection over here with those old implants, right there, and then the new implants. Hannah Henderson is watching. What’s up Hannah? Welcome. Well, Hannah is one of our wonderful estheticians at Spa Black, come see her. She’ll help you out. So, as you can see here, the butt was non-projecting on this side with the old implants, and now it’s projecting on this side. You can see it there. Ellie Delacruz says, “Hello, Dr. J.” Terrie Velarioz says, “Hey, great work.” Okay, let’s get you to, lemme look at some BBL’s for you, and then we’ll move on to other things. We’ll move on to breast work. I did have a breast to show you guys that I had to fix, which turned out to be excellent, and I’m hoping that I find it.

– [Joe] Is it on Instagram?

– Um, okay, so this is a lateral of a Brazilian Butt Lift. So, what I did here was I took fat out from the upper, lower areas here, and placed it in the buttocks, and she has a nice, hard look to hers, but she did very well. Brazilian Butt Lift, very, very nice. It peaks just at the right place. It peaks right in the center. It has a high center pop to it. So, “Do you do S curve?” Yes, from Michelle Lopez. Elena Martinez says, “Hey.” And Terrie Velarioz says, “Hey, great work.” So, I’m tryin’ to wave at all of y’all in here. Angelique Thomas says, “What’s Juvo? “That time I had fillers with Bonnie, “she did a great job.” Juvo is not a filler. Juvo is a new tox, like a new toxin, like Botox. Michael Anthony says, “The best doctor, hands down.” Thank Michael.

Melissa Renee says, “Hi, Dr. J.” Hello Melissa. So, we’re gonna go into another Brazilian. Not quite as hard a look as an implant, but what she had was, she had several divots to her lower part of her buttocks, and she had all these back rolls, and what we did was, we smoothed out the divots on the lower end, gave her a curve. That’s that S-curve that everybody wants. Makes sort of an S. So, we took in her sides, right? And we took in all these fat rolls and we created this curve. So, as you can see, again, divot, divot, flat buttocks, rolls, and then you have that and we’ll show the side view, and you can really see it from the side, the difference in her abdomen. So, we took all this fat from the abdomen, here, I’ll try to pull back, and we took all the fat from this rolls area and placed it into the butt. What do you think, Ashley?

– [Ashley] It looks really good.

– Yeah. So, we gave a nice, again, almost a hard look, like an implant, but we tried to make the most projection right around the greater trochanter area, right straight across. So, the greater trochanter, if you don’t know where it is, look it up. It’s in an anatomy book. Can’t even spell it. Greater trochanter. We’ll look at another BBL, here, on the website. All I’m doing is looking at the website, here for you guys. I’m putting this on a platter for you because you don’t even have to look, I’m just showing you everywhere. Lapita Guana-Chirrado says, “Smiley face with hearts.” Melissa Reynas switched from–

– [Joe] Did you show that?

– [WoJoe] Gretchen said, “Hey” on Instagram.

– Aw, Gretchen GFaceMD, if you are in Balt, no I’m sorry, shoot, Boston, not Baltimore, you’re gonna go to the greatest, greatest injector in Baltimore. I met her today. She’s a pathologist, GFaceMD, Gretchen, look her up if your in that Northeast area. So, Gface is on, we welcome you. I know you wanna be in my video Gretchen, but not today. I’m scared. So, here we go. We’re gonna go right here. We’re gonna show some more butts here. So, lady, she had terrible, sort of, non-projecting buttocks. She had these hip dips on these sides here. What we did was, we created a sort of a fuller mound around her projection. It fit her G-string a little bit better and she got a nice buttocks out of it, and we made Gretchen laugh, from Boston.

So, again, best injector in Boston. You can see the difference in her abdomen right here. So, her abdomen is lower on this side and now we’ve, fuller. We took the fat out and injected into the butt. Again, the greatest projection is right around the greater trochanter, which we measured. Melissa Reyna, a top fan, says, “I’ll be getting Newtox on Thursday.” Well, thank you very much. So will I, I think. I’m due actually. You see that? This will all be Newtoxed and Newtoxed and Newtoxed and Newtoxed. Wonder what happens when somebody joins you on a live. We have to check that out, ’cause I’m always scared.

– [Joe] It pops up on the side, on–

– Does everybody else see it?

– [Joe] It shows half the screen, yeah.

– Everybody sees it with you?

– [Joe] Yeah, it shows half the screen.

– Next time, Gface. So, this lady here, again, boobs and back and butts, this lady got the typical apple bottom butt after a Brazilian Butt Lift. As you can see here, sort of a square, sort of a square mound, here, almost A-frame house. Now, we took the sides in and made it like this and gave her sort of an apple bottom lower projection. If you tell me you’d like that, I’ll do that. If you want it more centrally projected, like we talked about. You can really tell it from the sides. So, how she looks now, she’s got her, she had a high amount at the top. We added more to the mid and lower range. I explained this to a patient then. Jacklyn Alclen said, “I need this in my life.” We need you Jacklyn! Veronica Perez-Torren says, “How much is the Botox?” Tonight, if you text in tonight, you get 20 units for $99, but it’s the Newtox, okay? The price of the S-curve is the same. It’s just a Brazilian Butt Lift with liposuction, which I do already.

– [Ashley] So, what shape their butt?

– So, some people want this part to be fuller, like an apple bottom, and some people want sort of a peach shape, an oval shape, but this lady wanted most of her done. So, this is a little bit more heavier on the lower end. Okay. So, that’s some of the butts. We’ll look at a few more butts than we’ll look at some breasts. Together. So, what we’re having now is, we’re gonna look at a few more butts to show differences in curves. Again, this is an amorphis sort of structure, okay? On this side you can see the G-string cutting. You have this fat hanging out. What we’ve done, is we’ve kinda sucked everything in and gave her a little bit more fuller, a little bit more fuller backside, and see the back fat and the side fat? This is coming in already and this is only three months. So, yeah, I think this is our YouTube, right? Our power’s going down, so, just letting you know.

– [Joe] No, that’s uh–

– Liz Gray, “I want the Botox, hit me with your best shot.” Liz, text us to 210-910-5328, that’s on Facebook. Kristen or Ash will be giving you the number again. Think we need another charger. So, here we go. K, Bye Bye Butts by GFaceMD. Look her up and follow her if you’re not on Instagram. She’s great. GFaceMD from Boston. Melissa Reyna, “What do I need to claim it?” You need to text us, 210-910-5328 and when you do that, you text your name and an email and that you want the $99 20 unit Juvo. Here, you have to do that. I’ll show you what you look like on the table, ’cause it’s kinda cool to see the transition, and here’s what you look like right after surgery.

– [Ashley] Is fat transfer safer than implants?

– You know, Jacklyn, fat transfer is slightly safer, because there’s no implant in there. Ah, it came off, it turned off.

– [Joe] It turned off?

– Mhm. So, it is a little bit safer because you don’t have and implant. So, that’s fat transfer on the table. Okay, right here is before and this is after, and you can see right after surgery that you’ve already got some projection to your butt. All right? So, that’s right after surgery, already got projection to your rump. Rosario Signs-Greg is watching, welcome Rosario. K, here’s, let’s look at some breasts now, ’cause this is about breasts and butts and upper backs, and I think I’ve shown you that the upper back fat, I can take during a Brazilian Butt Lift and actually shape that upper back fat. We’re gonna go in some breast augmentation. If you’re squeamish to nipples, aw I guess I can’t show this, can I? It’s Facebook, dang it. That’s crazy, I guess maybe the sides? No, I can’t —

– [Joe] This says Facebook–

– No that’s Instagram or Facebook. So let’s–

– [Ashley] Is there a cost difference between implants and fat?

– So, there is a slight cost difference. Implant is slightly more expensive, but not much more so, $500-$1,000. So, let’s say a BBL is 8999-9999, depending on how many areas, you’re gonna add about a thousand to that. So, between 9999-10999, depends on how much fat we’re going to be taking. So, right now, the promotion tonight, if you text in your name, your email, you phone number to 210-910-5328, we are giving you the opportunity to get a $99 20 units of Juvo, or $199, $199 try me price on TightLase, which is our cellulite, non-invasive cellulite machine from Fotona, and it does TightLift. Okay, we’re gonna go live on YouTube again.

– [Joe] No, that’s Twitter.

– Oh, we’re going back live on Twitter. Oh, Twitter died, didn’t it?

– [Joe] Yeah, well we’re not sure what’s going on.

– Oh, okay. Twitter we’re back. So, that’s it for that. Now, upper back fat. I’m gonna see if I can show you some upper back fat real quick. I’m gonna try to show you some because it’s really good to see how we do the upper back. Some of that stuff is kinda spongy and you really need to get at it a different way. You can heat it up. So, this is a lady who had lots of upper back fat and we’re going to put it up for you, and what we have here is, and really interested about this is that you can actually take this fat, so this is before and this is after, so you can lipo all this fat, and then put it in the buttocks. Melissa’s giving the wrong number, it’s 270-8595, not 275-8595. It is 270-8595, text right now for the $99 20 unit Juvo. So, we can get you in. Again 270-8595. Appreciate the help. There we go, Melissa got it back. She regained confidence, and what we’re gonna look now, is gonna look at a few more liposuction pictures because we did talk about that this is gonna be upper back. I may show you some fronts though, because people are wanting to see the fronts and once we get to it, Valeria Garcia says, “Yep, I have a lot that you can see.” Okay, by the way, if you want to get into a virtual consultation with me tonight, you go to my website, use the drop down menu, and right there is virtual consult, it’s one, two, three, four, five rows down, right there, virtual consult. I’m going to be in the virtual consult room in about 10 minutes and you can be in the virtual waiting room. No one will know. I’ll do it after hours for you and we can look at a consult for you for fat or anything else that you wanna talk about. So, we’re gonna look at now some more before and afters of liposuction around the upper back and torso area, okay? With Smart Lipo, I recently added a machine, it’s called the TightLase AcuTight FaceTight, and we’re gonna be looking at that right now, in a little bit. I do have some really cool leg pictures that I can show you. So, this lady here had, you can tell she had saddlebags, and her legs didn’t look exactly the way she wanted to. Whoa. You know this thing has a mind of it’s own sometimes. Here we go. Here’s your saddlebags, on the left, smooth legs on the right, or on your, what you’re looking for, this is the after right here, and this is the before. Saddlebags, no saddlebags. Right there you an see some legs. I will throw in some legs here so you guys can look at it. I’m gonna show you this arm that actually turned out very well. This is an arm. This is straight up lipo. Not Smart, not with Smart Lipo. Right there, that’s an arm. Very few people’s skin can retract like this. You have to be in your 20’s to maybe mid 30’s, ’cause that skin is still pretty tight. Has enough elastin to tighten up. We’re gonna look at another lipo for you. So, this lady here, you can tell from a side view, the back fat, the upper and side back fat. Monica Denise-Garcia says, “Do you fix the mommy “tummy pouch area?” Yes we do, that’s either a mini tummy tuck or a regular tummy tuck. Text us right now at 210-910-5328. You can tell here, , sorry guys, my fingers are touching the screen, and it’s torturing me a little bit. So, you can tell on the, I guess it would be facing your, that would be your left I believe, you can see here this upper back fat, the side fat, even the tummy fat. This is after only six months, and you can see how much shrunk from abdomen and flanks. She did exceptionally well. She also, don’t forget, worked out and dieted. Evon Michelle says, “I’m in love with my tummy aug. “Thanks Dr. J.” Thank you Evon. Right there, she said that on Instagram. So, we’re right here, abdomen right here with the upper back. You can tell that she shrunk quite a bit. We’re gonna look at some others here. I’m just cherry picking a few for you so you guys can see it. So, I’m gonna look for some, mainly the upper torso and the upper back ’cause today’s upper torso and upper back. Next week the people want me to do something on excess of skin from gastric bypass. So, we’ll talk about procedures you can have with gastric bypass. Here’s another posterior upper back. Again, she had a lot of upper back fat here. Andrea Flores says, “How much for procedure to remove “the extra skin from my arms?” Andrea text us and we’ll let you know. 210-910-5328. Kristen will give you a range of prices on that. Just text us, 210-910-5328 for the arms. So, you can see the upper back fat, the lower, and then this is her after surgery. This is only three months, but you could tell that her shape has changed drastically. I wish I coulda shown you boobs, but I forgot that Facebook censors the nipple if you can believe it or not, the nipple, Ashley, censors. So does Instagram because Instagram is part of Facebook now. So, here we go. We’re gonna look at some more of upper back stuff.

– [Joe] Everybody’s posting their love on Twitter.

– Oh really? Oh yeah, I see. Some people wanna know what a guy looks like when you take away some love handles. And you can see there. So, we did a lot of the love handles from the sides, okay? And then we created this nice shape of the upper back. “Hello doctor, inner or for lipo?” Melissa Kaylina. It depends. Sometimes there’s a lot of loose skin. We have to use modalities like heat, like Acutight or Smart Lipo or a combination of both, or we may have to cut it. Like a medial thigh lift. So, let’s see. I’m just focusing on upper today because our whole deal tonight was just the upper, and I will focus on legs at another date. Really, really cool. We do have some really good pictures of people that I’ve done. Lots of good stuff too. So, we’re getting near the end of tonight, so let’s recap. Let’s do the housekeeping recap. For butts, you want that hard buttocks look. I’m gonna show you kind of a hard buttocks look. I personally like butt implants because they don’t go away. The fat never dies, ’cause we’re not using fat. You talk about a girl with a, so this is the buttocks look from the side, beautiful, beautiful. You see the highest amount of projection just right mid-buttocks. It gives a beautiful projection right where you want it. Here, sort of right near, above the greater trochanter, right in the middle, as opposed to this flat thing, it pushes it straight out. So, that is a, right there is a butt implant. I love that sort of, that definitive, hard look on a butt, and so do people, and we have, we’ll show you a quick Brazilian Butt Lift. Not quite as a hard look. It’s a little bit softer, but that’s for people who have enough fat to do it, and what we do is take away the upper back, the lower back, and the sides, even the arms. We can do 12 areas, and I’ve don that at once. This is a person who had a very, very large BBL. She started with this and she ended up with that. As you can tell very, very nice, successful BBL. She got her moneys worth there, and then we did the upper back fat. So, we’ll end with that. A beautiful, using Smart Lipo and now moved on to AcuTight FaceTight. A person who lost almost her entire upper back fat. She’s kinda curved to the right, or else you wouldn’t even see that. Again, you can see the upper back has improved significantly, and so what I’m gonna do now, is do some final housekeeping. I’m gonna show you the virtual consult site. So you guys know exactly where I am. So, right here’s our virtual consult, right there. I’ll be taking virtual consults. Last week we did three. So, you can go there by going www.doxy.me/drjenebyconsult. We’ll put ’em up one more time on your pictures. I can do them tonight. Monica Denise-Garcia says, “I’m actually interested “in more than one area of my body “that I want to do, or interested in doing. “Is it best to do it all at once?” It depends on your health conditions. It depends on the areas, but in general, if you can handle it, and your health is good, and I deem it healthy for you, then doing as much as you can in one anesthesia may be beneficial for you. Otherwise, we may have to split it, but you can get into a virtual consult tonight and let me look at it, but I warn you, I will be going to sleep real soon. So, you gotta get into the virtual consult quickly. We already now have two people in the virtual consult room, and we want you to get in there too. You can go to my website and then once you go to my website, you hit the button that drops down to virtual consult, or just go to the link that we just sent you. There it is on Facebook, and there it is on Instagram. I’ll be waiting for you guys. So, the last thing I’ll tell you is, don’t forget that we have these Dr. Jeneby consults. Question, Q&A with Dr. J every Tuesday. You can let me know what you wanna hear. Next week we’re gonna do surgeries after a gastric sleeves. Including arms, butts, thigh lifts, everything. You just let me know when you get on next time what you wanna hear about or you can email me. Don’t forget to text in 210-910-5328. Please join us next Tuesday same time and same place. Last Thursday was a very successful night, moonlight consult. We have it every, the second Thursday of every month, so call in now. It’s from five to seven. It’s for you guys that don’t, yeah, you need something?

– [Joe] Twitter, does insurance cover any of this?

– Oh Twitter, no I’m sorry Twitter. Insurance doesn’t cover any. Sorry about that, but we do finance, and we do have options for payment. So, we’ll see you again, love you guys. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you enjoy yourself, have a great night. Don’t forget to texts us 210-910-5328 for any of the specials we talked about including the $199 TightLase, for cellulite try me price one time. We got the $99 20 unit Juvo. We got the $250 off special for any, even the specials we have, for surgery, but you have to text tonight or we will not honor it. This has to be done right now, tonight, so we can get you on the list. Thank you guys for watching, God bless. Have a nice day. Before I leave I’m gonna show you some of the people that make this stuff happen. Joe John right there in the background. He’s my engineer. Ash bash over there, taking care of business. Yep, my dog, somewhere around here. She’s asleep. I’m gonna turn this around and show Ashley one more time. Just kidding, we’re gonna show Joe John here.

– [Joe] Hello everybody.

– Wait a minute, I gotta turn it around here. How do I turn you around?

– [Joe] Should be a thing at the bottom or the top.

– Oh, here it is. There’s Joe John the engineer. Lovely. Here’s my swords. I appreciate ya. I know we’re a little goofy sometimes, but who cares. We’ll see you guys soon.


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