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Ep 1 Tummy tuck Q&A

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Subscribe and click the notification bell for our Q and A’s every week and I think you’ll like it. And we’re gonna pick a winner. Joe John, my engineer is gonna be picking a winner every week for those of you that get on.

Christi, how you doing? I see you there on Facebook. So go ahead and send your questions.

What we’re going to talk today is tummy tucks and I get a lot of questions on tummy tucks and you know, it’s crazy but, everybody thinks that a tummy tuck will make you thin. It really doesn’t make you thin. What a tummy tuck does is it changes the way that your body is shaped.

And Jessica is on from Facebook. We love you, Jessica, thank you.

– [Joe John] Jessie James, yo.

– And, yeah, (laughs) we have a few coming on.

So I’m gonna talk a little bit about the tummy tuck. So why do we get a tummy tuck? Here’s my little Q and A. So if you can see this, everybody, I know it’s hard, but I’ll just read it off to you.

Basically, you get a tummy tuck because you have weight gain, you’re post children, which is the most common reason people come in. Or they’re post surgery and a lot of the times they’re also unsuccessful lipo.

I think we already have a question from Anna Kisler, do you do reconstructive surgeries at all? Yes, we do. We do ’em a lot for battered women. I’ll do some breast reconstruction as necessary, but we also have lasers and things, so just call us to stretch out your skin and Stephanie will tell you how to do it.

Hi Tina, how are you doing? On Facebook.

So, sometimes people have unsuccessful lipo and they get this kinda loose skin. They’re promised that this lipo is going to make them thin, but it doesn’t do what a tummy tuck does.

Don’t you agree, Joe John?

– [Joe John] Yep.

– He agrees.

Ashley, what do you think?

So, first of all, weight gain and then loss. If you’re gonna gain a lot of weight, you are eventually going and then you’re gonna lose a lot of weight and then you have all this extra weight. (audio cuts out) Change the shape.

Victoria is on, hi. Victoria, how you doing?

Post children and so children end up expanding the abdominal cavity and then all that skin stays loose and then the skin kinda retracts a little, but hangs there. So I deal a lot with that.

Post-surgery, again, I’ve done a lot of reconstructions after surgery.

Oh and Chris Jacqueline wants a tuck, yes. And Krista Ramirez needs a redo my breast aug and lipo. All right Krista, you know what to do. You knew how to call us. I think Stephanie will be texting you here on how to get a hold of us and I will be taking virtual consults at the end of this 30 through the doxy dot ME site. So you can go to my website and hit the virtual consult under the menu button and then come into my virtual consults and I’ll be waiting for you for a consult tonight.

So again, it’s the doxy dot ME site. D-O-X-Y dot M-E and I think, Stephanie, you can make a comment on which, on those sites for me and Joe John, you can also make a comment on Twitter.

– [Joe John] Sandra Wale on YouTube says hello to my favorite doctor.

– Hello, how are you, Sandra? Nice seeing you.

So let me go into some, how this looks. So we’re gonna do a couple of what type of tummy tucks you have and I’m sorry my head is floating a little bit, but you have different types. So, this type on the left is called a mini tummy tuck and what a mini tummy tuck does is it only removes skin from the belly button right here all the way down and I can pull the muscles together, but I don’t do anything at the top.

The next is what they call an umbilical float and an umbilical float, I dis-attach the belly button and pull it down and that’s very good, that’s very, very good for people who have high belly buttons, but if you have a low belly button, that’s gonna be bad. Then you have the full tummy tuck over here and that’s the one I do most of the time. It allows me to pull the skin all the way up and I pull the muscles together and I pull them all the way down.

Inverted T is for somebody who has had massive weight loss because   have to remove skin from both sides and then pull the tummy tuck down.

Then you have all kinds of different types. You have this one called belt lipectomy which goes all the way around the body or 360 tummy tuck. Again, mini tummy tuck, umbilical float, then you have a full tummy tuck.

Then you have an inverted T.

Then you have a belt lipectomy and that includes the 360. We do do that.

(Joe John talking quietly)

So, let’s see what else we have.

The inverted T tummy tuck is really interesting. Sorry, the reverse tummy tuck. When you have all this loose skin above, do we have questions?

– [Joe John] No, I’m just looking out the window.

– Oh, okay.

So this is an incision that goes at the top. You can see here, this incision goes at the top and I’m able to pull this loose skin all the way up to get you to there.

See that right there?

– [Stephanie] Really, Megan will take one of each.

– Oh Megan, we love you.

So again, that is a reverse tummy tuck. Actually I’ve done quite a few in the last few years because when you have just skin above the belly button, maybe you’ve gotten lipo down here and you have this loose skin, I’ll bring it a little closer.

You need to do this reverse incision and pull the tummy tuck out and most of the time you don’t need a new belly button ’cause the first tummy tuck did it. So that’s a reverse tummy tuck.

So then I get, how long to recover?

And here we go, I think Mari right there on Facebook says, “What is the healing process?”

That’s really good. That segways into my next. So now we have typically one of these larger tummy tucks, typically we have somewhere in the realm of one to four weeks and when you have like  one to four weeks, you’ve got to remember, that’s a full one to four weeks, if you do these smaller ones like the umbilical float or the mini tummy tuck or any of those, then you may be able to get away with about one to two weeks, but remember, this is a big operation and a lot of people wanna get to work very quickly.

There’s Juan Hasso.I just did a reverse tummy tuck on him.How are you doing, Juan? He got the reverse tummy tuck. He had a regular tummy tuck and there he goes, he’s on Facebook. He’s had the reverse tummy tuck and he is doing very well.

We now have some nice viewers now coming in off of our Instagram and how are we doing on Twitter, Joe John?

– [Joe John] We’re good.

– Good.

So remember, you need, I think Juan here, he got back, he got back to work in about three to five days, but he had a reverse tummy tuck.

Now remember, regular tummy tucks, inverted T’s, the belt lipectomies are gonna take you at least four weeks to recover. And that’s kind of the end of that.

So I love it when I see people that are like, “I’m gonna get back to work in five days.” It never happens like that. You’re never gonna get back to work in five days. You’re gonna try to get back to work in five days, but it never happens quite like that.

So I always say the following, like when you wanna get back to work, you’re probably gonna get back to work at a sit-down job somewhere in, mm, 10 days and when I say a sit-down job, I mean a truly, truly sit down job. You can’t, and even driving there is gonna be kind of a pain. So I always say you have an Uber driver, how are you gonna deal with this? What’s gonna be happening and no one can give me a really good straight answer and we want to make sure that you’re okay and that you heal. Remember, big surgeries mean that you heal.

And I’ll be taking virtual consults tonight. So you’ve got to get into the virtual consult room. If you don’t know how to get into it, you go to my website, Dr. Jeneby plastic surgery, hit the menu button and then go into the virtual consult and come into the waiting room right here on the virtual consult and let me change computers here real quick. Hold that for me. And you see, this is a virtual consult room so that you guys can see that I’ll be waiting for you under doxy dot ME. So if you guys wanna ask me a question or show me something, I’ll be taking virtual consults from about 8:00 to 8:30 and here it is. I’ll be waiting for you again and I’ll be waiting for you too.

I got this question, what is the ideal weight to get the tummy tuck? I’m in the weight loss process.

That’s a good question. If you’re doing a weight loss procedure, you’re doing like a gastric bypass or you’re doing a tummy tuck. Oh sorry, a gastric sleeve or a lap band, I usually wait until you are somewhere in the realm of about 50 pounds from your goal weight and I think (audio cuts out) to have it down, if you can get, and I don’t know your height and you final, but if you can get under 200 pounds, it’d be better.

I have done some plus size tummy tucks just to help with sort of the exercise and the fungal parts underneath the abdomen and if that helps you, that’s absolutely critical so that you can actually exercise. So I’m very, very, I’m very willing to do something like that, but it has to be very special cases and, in other words, I wanna see you about 50 pounds from your goal weight and from 50 pounds from your goal weight,

I think it’s a good idea that we start talking about tummy tucks, but remember, tummy tucks are not a weight loss procedure. It’s just not.

And I think the answer to your question, Cat Phooey, Dalinka, if you guys have any other questions, let me know.

Otherwise I’m gonna keep going.

As far as this goes, I don’t like any heavy lifting from 3 1/2 to five, to four weeks and you guys can see this, 3 1/2 to four weeks, no heavy lifting and we actually do help you fill out your FMLA paperwork.

That’s something that we’ve been doing for you for a long time. We appreciate that you come with us, but we wanna make sure that also you’re healthy enough. Again, if it’s something that you wanna show me tonight, I will be in my virtual consult room to get to there.

Thanks, Cat Phooey. She’s been giving us lots of questions.

If you have something that you want to do,or want to show me in the comfort of your own home, you go to D-O-X-Y dot M-E room. You go right to my website, you click the top button under the menu button and it slides down a menu that says virtual consults. So I appreciate all that and I have these wonderful questions here.

I can see my friend Carmen Ahmad is watching. A bunch of friends are watching actually.

– [Stephanie] Kelron says, “Hey.”

S.E. text says, “Hello.”

– Oh that’s good.

So Megan says, “I’m currently 20 pounds away “from my goal weight. “What would the cost be for mommy makeover?” That’s a really good question. Most of our mommy makeovers range from somewhere in the, just under $10,000 range to up to 13 to $15,000, but we do have financing. I was gonna go over that on my next slide.

So this is the phone number to call. Right now, the office, you’ll get an operator. You will get an operator that will be standing by or you can email Stephanie at Dr. Jenby plastic surgery or right now, text the word, tummy, T-U-M-M-Y to 38470. Let me bring this over here. Text tummy to 38470. You can email, but I think the easiest thing is just to text tummy. So–

– [Stephanie] Michelle Marie said, yeast.

– Ah Michelle Marie, how are you doing?

What is that on?

– [Stephanie] Instagram.

– Oh yeah and you can also text the following, you can text to 210-910-5328, 210-910-5328.

You can text tummy, you can text info, that is my office number, 210-910-5328, there we go. Stephanie just put that on live for you.

– [Joe John] Sandra just said, “How long “do I have to wait after my tummy tuck “to go back to the gym?”

– How long, oh, that’s a good question. I get that a lot. I would say you could hit the gym somewhere around 10 days to two weeks and remember, you can’t go heavy. You can probably do some like, you know, something (audio cuts out) something with your arms unless you’re getting a brachioplasty with a super mommy makeover.

You can also do some just very light isometrics, but the more you do, the better, sorry, the less you do, the better, for you overall.

And I got a question here, “Can you do a mommy makeover with a reduction?”

Absolutely, that’s called, (audio cuts out) Question, I really appreciate it. We do those all the time. We do a lot of, there we go, Ashley Fresh, I know who that is, that’s my other engineer, that’s wife and she is telling you to call the office at (audio cuts out) 762491. Ashley, can you also put text the office 210-910-5328? Let’s see, Ashley, “Can you do a mommy makeover reduction.”

That’s still them.

Megan says, “I need a mommy makeover“ and a change of implants. “How do you do a lift?” Is also yes, a lot of times when you’ve had an implant for a long time, you have some sagging skin and a lot of times you’re gonna need a lift with a new implant, so kind of a reduction, not a reduction, but sort of a tightening.

And Megan says, “What is the best strategy for tummy tuck? (audio cuts out) “diet before the surgery?”

That’s a good question.

Yes, you should diet before surgery. The, like I said, we want you at about, between 30 to 50 pounds of your goal weight and you know, it’s better for you to do that, but I have done plus size tummy tucks and I’ll do them mainly because there’s intertrigo or fungal infections or constant wetness below the lower part of the abdomen.

And Shannon, I’m sorry. She wrote, “Will insurance cover any type of procedure?” No, unfortunately insurance does not do that. No they’re very strict about their policies and insurance really doesn’t do that. So other offices will accept insurance for what they call appendicectomies. So some offices will take insurance, but that’s something that we don’t at this time, but I appreciate that question. But we do have financing. We have in-house financing where you put 65 to 75% down and then you can finance your payments over a year, but that was a good question.

Oh, Joanne is lightly off topic. We’re gonna take it though. She put, “How long can implants be in before changing them?” I get this a lot too and a lot of times implants can, you know, you really don’t have to change them. They just get out a warranty. It’s usually because of a life change. For example, you are wanting to reduce the implant. You’re wanting to add the implants. It’s usually somewhere between 10 and 20 years. Some people change their implant as early as five years. You know, that kind of stuff.

Della Cruz wants to know, “Do you recommend waist training?” I’m not sure what that means unless it’s actually buying a waist trainer. Of course, all that is, is a temporary reduction in your girth, so.

Amanda asks, and we also do compression garments after surgery and we go through a progression of larger, then smaller, I hope that’s what you mean, Ellie and I’m not sure, but if I’m missing it, let me know.

Amanda on Facebook says, “Do you recommend “being in shape-wear longer than six weeks?” I think if you’re asking me after surgery, I do recommend garments three to six months after surgery. I know that’s a long time, but we don’t really have a lot of data on garments, but I know from personal experience, and just being in the office that it’s better to wear a garment longterm. So that was an excellent  question.

So let me go back to some of these other ones. That’s pretty awesome. And this one is, Linda, “I had a breast augmentation “a year ago, I really wanna get a tummy tuck. Do you have to wait a certain amount in between?” Oh man, that’s a really good question.

So, I wait at least a minimum of six to eight weeks in between tummy tucks or between a procedure and another procedure ’cause you don’t wanna keep going back to back with procedures. So, sometimes I’ll do a breast aug with arms or tummy and then do the BBL or butt implant somewhere six to eight weeks later.

And this one here says, good question, Linda. There was another one here that I saw on Instagram. “Is there a discount for your previous, (laughing) oh, of course. And, nice to see you, I see you as one of my patients. I appreciate that. There’s absolutely discounts for my prior patients. You guys are awesome.

– [Stephanie] A discount.

So say they got breast implants and now they wanna do a breast reduction. Is there a price discount or any–

– Oh yeah, there is.

I don’t remember exactly off the top of my head, but if you want to, just text tummy or breast or questions to 38470 right now, 38470 or just DM us this question.

My buddy Enrique Rengel from My Medlies, is watching. Nice to see you, Enrique.

My other buddy, Debra

Spear is watching, welcome.

– [Stephanie] Turn It Up just joined.

– Turn It Up just joined.

Let’s see, PB2016 I’m You, just joined from Instagram. I can’t really see who’s joining on Twitter so I’m just relying on them.

– [Joe John] Save

Heart’s connection’s bad.

– Ah, so–

– [Joe John] A bunch of people (mumbling)

– Oh, they’re on there?

– [Joe John] Yeah, there’s Jaime, Kah–

– So Ellie says, “I’m six weeks out “from tummy tuck, M.R. and lipo, “just didn’t get the hour glass, I feel square.” So yeah, but you’re only six weeks, so you got a, so a waist trainer’s a garment. You need to keep that on for three to six months. The final process of how you shrink and how skin shrinks, I mean, you’re only six weeks out. It’s a really early time, but don’t lose faith. We don’t measure anybody for six months to one year.

– [Stephanie] B. Walker has a question on Instagram.

– B. Walker, I see, “Can you get implants “if you have fibroadenoma?” Yes, fibroadenoma are non-cancerous lumps that are normal in most breasts and I feel them a lot. Now obviously, we get mammograms before every type of breast surgery. So we appreciate that you had that question and we’ll make sure that those fibroadenomas, if they have any problems, we won’t operate on you.

So Stephanie right now is telling you guys how to apply for financing. She just got done on Facebook and maybe she can also comment on that on Instagram and Dara wants to do HCG weight loss program again.

“Do you still offer that?” Yes, we do have a weight loss program. Come back in, we’ll take care of you. Mmhmm.

So, okay, thank you, Ellie. She wrote, “Okay, great, I trust you. “See you tomorrow.” I’ll see you tomorrow too. Thanks for watching again.

And my Twitter fans, what do we got. Is there any questions?

– [Joe John] No questions.

– Make sure, okay.

Sometimes they wait a little bit of time.

– [Joe John] I (audio cuts

out) connection issues.

I can’t hear you, connection is lagging. That’s what everybody is saying.

– Oh, on Twitter.

Sorry about that. We’re gonna try to make our connections a little bit better next time. I think this Android is to blame, but I apologize. We’ll get it right next time for you, my Twitter fans.

– [Joe John] (voice drowned out) Go to YouTube?

– Yeah, if you can go to my YouTube on Twitter or you can go to my Facebook which is Dr. Jeneby plastic surgery or even my Instagram which is D-R Jeneby. Everybody on Twitter, run over to there, D-R Jeneby or Dr. Jeneby plastic surgery.

Brice Cowlick, my buddy, is watching.

– [Stephanie] Do you guys take (audio cuts out) FSA cards?

– Do we take FSA cards, Stephanie. Not really, I don’t think. Okay so, Stephanie, my finance manager says, “We can take FSA, but if the insurance comes back and asks us, we can’t really condone the fact that you didn’t have cosmetic surgery. So it’s probably not a good idea. You’re the best, Shannon. Let’s see here, Ashley asked, “Would the reduction and tummy tuck, “would that happen together?”

Yes, absolutely, we do mommy makeovers probably four to five times a week and they’re either a reduction or lift plus a tummy. You can add a brachioplasty, et cetera. Oh, Kimberly said, “Very pleased “with my tummy tuck with you, “healing went extremely well.” Thank you, Kimberly. We love you.

What’s the weight loss program consist of? Well, we have a nutritionist and we can get you into a program where we can do FDA approved, we can do FDA approved programs like Contrave, things like that and Shawna, one of my ex-patients, hi Shawna, shout out to me. And let’s see–

– [Stephanie] I had a breast reconstruction and supposedly I have a size D cup. How can I make them look like a D cup? Do I have to get a bigger implant, from Melissa.

– Melissa wants to know does she need a bigger implant ’cause she doesn’t feel she’s a D cup? Is that right? Oh, I can see. How can I make them look like a D cup? Do I need a bigger implant? Melissa, this is a very complicated question. It may need a bigger implant. It may need a bigger implant plus a lift. I love the question though. If you can just PM us your information, Stephanie will get right on it. We’ll get you in because that’s a really hard thing to say just like this.

Shawna said her husband said, Jeremy said, “What up, dog?” So, what up, Jeremy? And we are waiting for you guys to come into our live surgery virtual consult. There is the link on Facebook.

– [Stephanie] What is that website?

– [Joe John] I have connection–

– Oh, oh and by the way, the virtual consult, only I can see it. Oh thank you, Francis said, “Love that you go live “so you can explain everything. “You are the best, try to see you every time.” Great.

Anna said, “I got my breast through the armpits 10 years “and haven’t had any problems. “I would think it’s time to change them out.” You know, I always say, you know what, if they’re not bothering you, you don’t need to change them. I’m probably one of the few that will actually tell you that. You know, the implants are only good or it’s not that they just explode after 10 years. They’re good until they’re not good anymore.

I think we just missed a question on Instagram which was very good.

– [Stephanie] A Bright Shiny Day says she’s looking for a lift and implants. I need a consult. I watched a lot of your videos and —

– Aw, thank you, A Bright Shiny Day, I appreciate you on Instagram. Yes, we do lift and implants all the time. If you need a consult, can you DM us or text questions to 38470 or if you want, I’m waiting for you guys to come into my virtual consult room. When you exit here, you can go to my website, Dr. Jeneby plastic surgery, find the tab for virtual consults and enter the room and again, I’m the only one that’s gonna look at this and if you look at here, this is your time to ask questions or show me what you need. This is a HIPPA compliant virtual consult room and we have it on my website and I’ll bring it a little close so you guys can see it. So right after this, I’ll be doing complimentary virtual consults. You wanna show me something, that’s cool. Again, nobody else sees it but me.

Shawna, “I love my implants. “Primary doctor said my scars are very nice “and the best she has seen.” Shawna, thank you very much.

Crystal said, “Hello.”

– [Stephanie] Gabe said, “Hello.”

– Who?

– [Stephanie] Gabriel, Adrian’s brother.

– Oh, hey Gabriel, how you doing?

Which one’s he watching us on?

– [Stephanie] On Instagram.

Gabe, Adrian’s brother–

– Oh Gabe, how you doing? Nice seeing you.

Again, I’m sorry about Twitter, guys. We’ll find out why we’re having a little trouble. It could just be the phone.

– [Stephanie] Instagram too.

– Instagram is doing good.

Let’s see, Michael Ruiz, “What’s going on, doctor?” How are you doing, Michael? Doing very well. And all right, so text in questions to 38470. I’m gonna continue on tummy tucks for now until I get some more breast questions, but again, some of the things you can do to get ready, we have our vitamin pack. We use probiotics. You gotta get the probiotics in and again, protein shakes. I’m a huge believer in surgical nutrition. A lot of times, right after surgery, you’re not going to have the right nutrition. So we sell the nutrition packs. We sell the vitamin packs. We also have the probiotic.

I think Stephanie or somebody just put on YouTube, we have in-house financing for Texas residents. Is that you, Steph? Or is that you, Joe John?

– [Joe John] That was me.

– Oh.

– [Joe John] I put as much in it then. (laughs)

– Okay, got it.

– [Joe John] OG Bobby says, “S’up?”

– S’up? OG Bobby, okay, nice. (laughs)

– [Stephanie] R. Jubilee is your proud patient all the way from Midland, Texas.

– Oh we know we love Midland. Midland is going on right now, lots of oil. So, you’ve got to get physically ready. You’ve got to get mentally ready. Jeanette, you did my surgery yesterday. (laughs) You did my surgery yesterday, but I’m looking great already. Thank you, Jeanette, you’re awesome, thank you.

– [Stephanie] Brandy Bear.

– Leedzella asks me how much. How much what? (laughing) If you’re talking mommy makeover, just tummy tucks, I think Stephanie can probably help answer that. She’s gonna be texting here in a few seconds. Again, questions to 38470 is the number. Just text questions, text tummy, text boobs, text any of those three things and we’re right on it and there you go. Stephanie just added, we have a, oh wow, we have a special for this month, mommy makeover for $10,999.

Leedzella Singleton says, “I want a tummy, but I’m scared.” Well don’t be scared. You’re gonna be just fine. Jeanette, you’re awesome, very recommended. Thank you very much, Jeanette. Make sure you spread the word, we love you, thank you.

Chrystal Selinas, how much for mommy makeover? These range, obviously, and I think, Stephanie, she’s gonna put that up here in a minute, the ranges, for our mommy makeovers. Wow, we have a nice little joined here.

Brandy Bear, oh, we miss you, Brandy. Brandy’s up in New York. We used to work with her. We miss her a heck of a lot and I’m looking right now, we have a nice little group from Instagram so I’m waiting for one of you guys to get into the doxy dot ME virtual consult.

Remember, once you get in, I’m the only one that sees it. I will not report who’s in online. And remember, this is complimentary. So we’ll find a way. You know what, Stephanie, can you put the HTTPS colon, forward slash, forward slash, doxy dot ME, forward slash, Dr. Jeneby consult up on there? Oh. Yeah, just put the, there it is. That’s our consult, she just did it and can you put that on Instagram too? Or you can’t, I’ll write that up for Instagram. Oh. Oh, okay. I wonder. That’s fine, just go ahead.

Oh let’s see, Crystal says, “Why does a mommy makeover consist.” what does, I’m sorry, “what does a mommy makeover?” A mommy makeover consists of tummy tucks, oh here we go, we got our first girl in here. So we see you over there. Stephanie, why don’t you talk to her real quick and tell her just to hang on. Yeah and then Claudia, I’ll see you in a few minutes. We have our first virtual consult.

So let’s see, do you have to be under a certain BMI for a tummy tuck? You know, I don’t like to see tummy tucks over 35 BMI, 35 and below and again, just to get you healthy enough, and remember, this is, you know, having general anesthesia is not the easiest thing in the world on you. So we appreciate that you stay within and I think we got Claudia here.

Do you guys think I should do a quick thing or just keep answering or–

– [Joe John] You can do a quick one.

– So, I’m gonna talk to Claudia here real quick and I’m gonna, okay, so. How do I get in here? Let’s see, patient queue. There we go.

Okay, I’m gonna start the call. All right. Audio call. So we’ve got Claudia in the virtual consult room and gain, BMI for tummy tuck right there.

It says, again, another one asked about BMI for a tummy tuck. It looks like 35 and below is the, is probably getting on the high end of a tummy tuck so you wanna be losing weight or in the middle of losing weight and I’m about to start a consult here and we’ve got our friend on here, please wait.

Finalizing our connections. And let’s see, hello, how are you?

– [Claudia] I’m doing well, how about yourself?

– I’m good, I’m good.

I think you need to turn, let’s see, can you turn your camera on?

– [Claudia] Oh, thank you.

– Great, great.

– [Claudia] So I was interested in breast augmentation.

– Okay.

– [Claudia] And I’m potentially going up to a double D.

– Okay.

– [Claudia] Right now, I’m at a B. The odd thing, after two of my pregnancies is that my breasts went from a full C to a B, so–

– Full C to a B, you wanna go from a B to a D. They were a C before pregnancy or during pregnancy and they went to a B and now you wanna go to a D?

– [Claudia] Yeah.

– Got it, okay, all right. You can go ahead and just, let me take a quick look, peek and that’ll be great. You do not need a lift which is great. We’ll have to talk about, you have, she currently has about a B, B+, C, and then she’ll need implants. You do what have what they call a tubular breast so the tubes, they’re kind of shaped a little bit more triangular. You may need a small lift around the areola and that looks good. We can do that.

We definitely need implants. So will you let us know. I think, Stephanie, will you go ahead and chat with her. You’re good to go. I saw it, you’re a perfect candidate. We will have to talk about the tubular part of your breast. So when we do the tubes and I appreciate you and you’re gonna get a text chat now from Stephanie who’s on the line. I appreciate you, thank you so much.

– [Claudia] Thank you very much.

– All right.

– I’m leaving.

– Bye bye.

So that’s how easy it is. Linda, if you wanna get on, doxy dot ME. We’ve already done somebody in the chat room. These are all HIPPA compliant chats and while we’re on, I’ll be doing some live stuff. I will, you know, nobody’s gonna know your name except your first name and there’s tons of people like that or I’ll just call you Mrs. C. So, or however you want me to call you. Let’s see, Mike Marshall, hi, (laughs) this is a buddy of mine.

How affective is (mumbling) versus women. Do men fare better than women results? That is a good question, men do fare a lot better than women and we don’t know why. This could be a testosterone thing. It could be an estrogen thing, but in general, men do fare a little bit better than women and nobody knows. It’s probably testosterone. Don’t forget, I’m waiting for you guys to do a doxy dot ME consult.

I think I’ll put that in here, HTTP, oh, I can do this here. I’m gonna put in the doxy ME. Okay, I’m gonna be talking to Mrs. H right now and you guys can listen and we can talk about her issues. (audio cuts out) Right now and on there. And I just posted.

Okay, I’m gonna just get on here right now and start a call with Mrs. H, we’ll call her. Alexis says, “I have to go back to see you. “Did adjustables and have had two babies back to back.” Yes!

It’s time for an upgrade. I love it, love it, love it. So we’re gonna get here in the consult room here. If any of you guys wanna join, you’ll get in the consult room itself and I’m about to talk to Mrs. H who we’re gonna connect with here and very soon, again, this is a HIPPA compliant, there she is, how are you doing?

– [Mrs. H] I’m doing good, thank you.

– So how can i help you?

– [Mrs. H] I was interested in doing a tummy tuck.

– Okay, can I take a quick look?

– [Mrs. H] Oh yeah.

– Just a quick peek.

Okay have you had any lipo or tummy tuck or any C section incisions, I can kind of see it. Any other lipo before down there?

– [Mrs. H] I had lipo and a C section.

– Yeah, okay, can you lift, yeah, can you kinda pull your skin down a little bit? Yeah, pull your skin, just–

– [Mrs. H] You want, that’s about it.

– Yeah okay, just the skin. Yeah, there it is. Yeah, you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck. You have enough skin, you have enough, the stretch marks, we’ll get rid of about 80% of those and we’ll make that look a lot flatter and we’ll also pull your skin muscles together. So that looks really, really good for a tummy tuck. She’s a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck. I appreciate that. Stephanie’s gonna be chatting with you to get you in for a consult. Do you have any questions of me?

– [Mrs. H] Uh no, that’s gonna do it.

– Okay, we appreciate you, Mrs. H. We love you, thank you for watching. Stephanie will take over. She’s gonna chat with you a second and tell you how to get in. Thank you.

– [Mrs. H] Okay, great.

– Okay, we ended the call with Mrs. H. Again, if you guys wanna get in the chat room, we have about another oh, we have another about 20 minutes for chatting and for answering questions.

Oh man, my buddy, Marshall Mike.

– [Stephanie] What other, (audio cuts out) do you have (audio cuts out)

– Yeah.

– Botox.

– Yeah.

(Joe John mumbling)

Oh, okay.

– [Joe John] Did you know (audio cuts out) we’re doing a contest or something on the Internet.

– Right. Oh, okay, all right, I’ll do that. My longterm engineer in my ear is telling me that I disconnected from you guys, but before that, we’ll have to have you text your cellphone number to 210-910-5328. I think Mrs. H, if you could get back in the chat room, if you can see us, or that you can give us a call at 210-910-5328. So you can text us, 210-910-5328, ask us what you would like to see. Back on tummy tucks, tummy can be combined with other things. They can be combined with breast augs, you can combine ’em with an arm lift. So we’ve been doing a lot of arm lifts, axillary plasty for all this area needs sort of a lift–


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