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Behind the Mask | Popular Spring Surgeries

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– Hey, it’s me again, Dr. J, “Behind the Mask”. Today we’re going to be talking about popular surgeries for the spring, coming right up. Popular surgeries during the spring, of course, number one is breast implants, you wanna get out the lake, you wanna be in your pool, you want to be out and about with maybe a tank top, maybe even those cool yoga bra kinda things, so now you want something to be able to place in the bra. So what we’re doing is we’re doing a lot of Gummy Bear implants that are high-profile, from both companies, Mentor and Allergan. What I like about them is that they’re kind of low-width but high-projecting, so you’re getting somewhere between five and six centimeters of projection, or roughly about three inches, that should put most people in the C to DD. Liposuction, hugely popular, especially amongst just very fit and active people and people just looking for a jump-start. Very, very popular for the spring, we use liposuction plus Smartlipo, or liposuction plus AccuTite or BodyTight. Three, tummy tuck, of course, get your tummy tuck in before you go on your trip, you’ll need about four to six weeks advance notice so that you can heal up, but that completely reshapes your, from up to your xyphoid area, all the way down to the sides and including the mons area, and that gives you a beautiful hourglass shape. So tummy tucks are awesome. We also like to do mommy makeovers, which is a combination of breast and tummy, again, you need about four to six weeks before your trip to get something like that done, but that gets it over in one fell swoop. A real, real rising procedure for the spring is BBLs, Brazilian butt lifts, I don’t know why they call it a Brazilian butt lift, it’s not really a butt lift, it’s a butt filling that actually helps to lift the skin, but it’s not a true butt lift. So BBLs are hugely popular. People start to refresh the top of their face because you can’t really do much stuff on your face when there’s sun out, so get it done now before the sun comes out, including, but not limited to neck lifts, face lifts, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, microneedling and/or adding exosomes to the face. Hair replacement, now I’ve been doing exosomes to my hair as well as lasering, and I’m starting the fill in a little bit of the gaps, and it’s doing well without a hair transplant, although I do hair transplant myself. It was wonderful talking to you guys, thanks for hearing “Behind the Mask” with Dr. J.

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