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Why Joint Commission Office Based Surgery?

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Joint Commission Office-Based Surgery

There was a time when any kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure required a hospital visit, and often even a hospital stay. But now, thanks to advances in technology and medical practices, office-based surgery is possible for many patients and most procedures. Here at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas, we are proud to be an accredited Joint Commission center for in-office surgery.

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits and certifies United States health care programs and health care organizations. Receiving Joint Commission accreditation is a recognized symbol of quality healthcare, high standards of care and a commitment to meeting high performance standards.

Being able and accredited to perform office-based procedures makes life easier for both patients and doctors. For doctors, scheduling is far easier. There is no need to try to coordinate schedules with a hospital when procedures can be set up and performed right in the office. Delays are rare because the office is only dealing with their own schedule and their own patients rather than the many cases that hospitals have to coordinate and schedule

Another advantage is that an in-office operating suite can be set up to the standards and needs of the specific surgeon and practice, including knowing exactly who everyone is working with. Assistants are trusted members of the office staff, so there is a comfort level there that can only benefit patients.

For patients, having a procedure in an office has many advantages. Flexibility in scheduling matters for patients who work and have families. We can work with your personal scheduling needs far more easily than a hospital. That takes pressure off anyone who is preparing for a medical or cosmetic procedure of any kind – and less stress is better for everyone. Plus, an in-office procedure means you won’t have to show up two hours early only to be told there is an additional delay. When you are here, you know when things will begin because we have worked directly with your schedule to ensure promptness and convenience.

Familiar surroundings can also help alleviate stress. When you come into our office for your procedure, you are coming to a place that you already know, staffed by people that you trust and who have been with you from your initial consultation. There is no need to try to find an unfamiliar office or room — you know where you are going and exactly where you will be.

Anesthesia is not a concern in office-based procedures. Our accredited facility can handle whatever you need, from local to general anesthesia. The best kind of anesthesia or sedation for you is something that will be discussed with your doctor before your procedure so that you will know exactly what to expect and be able to make an transportation arrangements that may be needed.

Our office is also a better place to recover, and your recovery time will be far faster than it would be in a hospital. For procedures that take place in hospitals, recovery time can take four to five hours. In our office, average recovery time is less than 90 minutes. So you will be in a safe, familiar, and comfortable environment, and you won’t have to be there for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

These are just some of the advantages of office-based procedures, and since we are a Joint Commission accredited facility, there is another advantage for you — trust. You can trust our office, staff, and our surgeon to ensure that everything we do is the best for you.

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