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Q&A with Dr J – What is the Normal Recovery Time For A Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Sorry that’s a little tough. We use a combination of laser
resurfacing after you can also use a cell phenol which is a small little pneumatic drill.
The company Merz makes and then I can fill in some of the deep dimples with it. It won’t get rid of it 100 percent but with a combination of lasers and fat it should get a lot better.

That’s two things. It’s how I extract the fat using a three millimeter and sometimes four
millimeter cannula. And then how we put it back in a no touch tactic and then it’s how you deal with yourself at home.

There’s only so much I can do.

Once you’re gone here I’ve done my job. Once I follow up with you I’m doing my job. It is your job to follow strict instructions. We can’t tell you
that that’s going to be a hundred percent. There’s no one in the world that can tell you that. I can tell you that we see 70 80 percent take in most people when they follow strict instructions not smoking.

Get your diabetes under control. Don’t sit on your butt. Don’t drive early. These are just the things that you can do to make your absorption take greater OBL starting they’re really tiny. Course most of people in South Florida and South Texas are a little dark. So you’re going to have some post.

Surgical hyper pigmentation means I’m gonna get dark. Usually that goes away in here and it starts to get light.

And if it doesn’t there’s creams or lasers that we can lighten.

Absolutely. I know some women in their 60s who are healthier than people in their 20s. What is your goal though. Are you getting a BPL for yourself or
you’re getting it for someone else. First of all you have to understand that you’re the one going undergoing the procedure. Do this for yourself. Don’t do this to be pressured by someone
else. So yes someone in their 40s that is healthy and we’re going to judge that I’ll judge it personally.

Then you should have no problems so maybe those are like lips.

You know that people want big lips and they started with small lips. You’re going to have to have two or three syringes if you want a larger but you’re going to have to have two or three rounds of BPL. We don’t know how much it’s going to take and we don’t we can’t follow you the whole time for that two weeks to see.

Did you sit on it. Did you not sit on it. Which way did you lie. What happened. Jeff

trauma. So two or three rounds could be in your book. The issue for us is we can’t monitor and having two or three rounds and a bit of back tracking is kind of normal these days.

Sexual encounters after surgery in general it depends on the surgery if it’s just liposuction. A week to maybe ten days if it’s a video your body is part of the sexual process so you probably
want to wait two to three weeks at least until a week to clear you. So a minimum of two weeks better at three best at four. I know it’s going to be tough for some but you only get doing
this once and doing it right once is better than having to redo it because we made an error at home.

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