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Q&A with Dr J – Weird Abbreviations and Taking Care of Your Face #Newtox – Botox Alternative

Conveniently located to serve San Antonio and surrounding communities.

– Hello everybody, just getting up all our connections. And then we’re gonna do a little housekeeping. Gonna go live here. Woo! We’re on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s tryin’ to go live here. Let’s see what happens here with this one. We’ll do a little housekeeping as well. My buddy Dr. Eduardo Sanchez is watching. If you need pediatric anything in this town, go to Dr. Sanchez at Clinica Del Norte. And all my friends are joining us right now. See what you can do with Twitter here. Think you may have to put it on to the real, oops, sorry about that, guys. Put it on to maybe the WiFi, not the extension, the real one. Sorry, we sometimes have problems, but we always get through them. So today we’re gonna talk about the crazy, sorry my hair’s in the way. The crazy, crazy world of plastic surgery abbreviations. It wasn’t my idea for this, it was Lovely Ashley’s idea. But I think it’s timely, because there’s so many abbreviations. I’m gonna try to wave to as many people as I can tonight. And I have a lot of little M.D. people doing it. A shout out to Hernandez, Narro Lessa is warranted, he just said, “Hello.” Again, Dr. Sanchez is watching as well. So, let’s do some housekeeping first, at the end of the night, you’ll be able to go into my virtual consult room, which is right here; and we will do a virtual consult for free! Yes, free. I’m giving my time up tonight for free. So, we’re also gonna do some housekeeping. This next Thursday, I think, or is it this Thursday, my girls will put it up in a minute, is our moonlights consults where you get to see me for complimentary 10 minute consults. 10 minutes, it’s not a full consult. It’s just 10 minutes, but it allows you to get in so that you can see me tomorrow. Again, the first 20 people that text us in your name, email, phone number, tonight are eligible for 20 units of Newtox, that’s the new Botox, for just $129, or $6 a unit. Why do I do these crazy things? ‘Cause I want you as my patient. I think you’ll start with Botox and then you’ll end up with surgery with me. Which is awesome, which is why I do these things. So, that’s a little bit of housekeeping. Kristen, my lovely marketing director will be on here giving you insights on how to get things done. Oh, my niece is on, it says, “Hi Uncle Thomas, “I love you so much, I’m so proud of you.” That’s my niece, Kenzie, the greatest niece in the world, I think. And I’m not even being impartial, I think everybody thinks that too. So, again, my staff will be going on for the $129 Newtox. You get 20 units, which is really about $6 a unit. But why do I do that? So I can just bring you into the system, which is the awesome med spas, the med spas that are the top of the Groupon chain, we get awards all the time. I think we have the best injector, that’s me personally. And it’s backed by a plastic surgeon. Remember, I’m always available for you if something were to happen to you in one of these. And a lot of times some med spas go on, get opened up, and they don’t have a doctor anywhere near them, nowhere within 10 minutes, not below them, so if something were to happen to you you’re on your own. And just be wary of that, that’s why I think our med spa’s the best, it’s run by a plastic surgeon, I do all of the protocols, and the girls follow the protocols. So, my sister and my niece are both watching, both on Facebook and Instagram. So let’s go with abbreviations. So, anybody out there wanna tell me what BBL means? Let’s start with BBL, BBL. Gotta put that right there, man. Hold up.

– [Joe] Okay .

– There we go, it’s a little off there. And, ’cause our Twitter fans want in on this gem. So, a BBL. A BBL means Brazilian butt lift. It is not a butt implant, although I do a lot of butt implants. I’m the only one in South Texas to do them. So, the Brazilian butt lift, we had our first text in, sorry, for 210-890-2277. That was Narro Lessa Hernandez. And she just text in and she got her 20 units of Newtox for just $129! So be sure you text in. If you guys are ever thinking about doing some kind of a neuromodulator, like Botox, Newtox, or Xeomin, we carry all the lines. And I put it in there just for your benefit, so that eventually, hopefully, you chose me for your surgeon. Danielle Marie, 23, said, “Brazilian butt lift.” Good! That’s great, that’s exactly what it means. So, a BBL means Brazilian butt lift. And that is taking, like, a 360 lipo and putting it in the buttocks fat, into the buttocks as fat. Jessica Zamora, one of my top fans, just checked in. Kristen, the director of marketing just checked in under Thomas D. Jeneby. I’m waving at all of you as much as I can. All right, so we got that again. Housekeeping one last time. Is that at the end of the night you can go into the my doxy.me consult. Kristen will put it up on Facebook and Instagram, how to get in is doxy.me/drjenebyconsult, so I had to look back. So doxy.me/drjenebyconsult. If you have a problem finding it actually go to my website, hit the little hamburger button, the dropdown comes in, and you’ll see virtual consult. So hopefully we see you guys there. So who do we have now? It’s not letting me go live, poor guys.

– [Joe] It’s still not?

– No, did you put it on the other– thing?

– I did.

– And it’s not letting you. Let me just make sure, sorry you guys, that this thing can get these poor guys on Twitter. It’s always hard to get them on Twitter, just ridiculously hard. Twitter’s the hardest one, without a doubt, to go live. So we’re connecting, we’re trying to connect, hopefully it does connect. If it doesn’t, we’re in deep doo-doo with Twitter people, with the Twitter peeps. So Evonne Michelle wants to be in my live video, we don’t do that. But if you could just text us, we’ll let you know. So, Evonne, if you just want to text us, we’ll let you know. CE JA says, “Hola, Hola,” how you doing, CE JA? Jazzykeida Embery waved hi. And it’s CE JA, finally met her for the first time out, she recognized me and said, “Hey, I’m CE JA.” So– All right, we’re already getting one booking already, and I believe she’s gonna be booking into, not the virtual consult, but the first one. Evonne Michelle wants to be in my live, sorry, I don’t bring people into the live video, I wish I did. But then everybody would be in it. So the address is doxy.me/drjenebyconsult, one long word, doctorjenebyconsult. One long word, that does it, usually. So, okay, so we did BBL, Brazilian butt lift.

– [Joe] You got YouTube saying, “Hi.”

– Oh, hi YouTube! I think that was Debra Spear.

– [Joe] Yeah.

– I appreciate you, YouTube, for watching. So we’re on four platforms now except for poor Twitter.

– Twitter.

– Maybe you can go check to see how to get this working.

– [Executive Producer] The mastopexy–

– I’m going into that. So executive producer wasn’t waiting until I was gonna tell ’em what a mastopexy was, but a breast aug, so the breast aug part we all understand, the implants go under the muscle, I’m used to putting in a little bit larger implants these days. You know, now our implants are kind of in the 550 to even 750 range. ‘Cause as your base width widens, as your shoulders widen, you can tolerate a larger implant, and in San Antonio I’m noticing that people want larger implants. Sheila Westendorf says, “Hello, how you doin’?” Don’t forget, we have consults tonight, I’m gonna be waiting for you on my dashboard here. On my doxy.me dashboard. We’ll do it after so no one knows we’re doing it.

– [Executive Producer] What’s the difference between, like, Botox and fillers?

– So, Botox, often hash tagged as #BTX. So a lot of people wanna know what the difference between Botox and fillers. Latonya Davis said, “Hello Dr. J,” how you doing, Latonya? So Botox, so if you see this, these are called dynamic lines, ’cause I haven’t had Botox in a couple of months. But they’re only forming when I actually move, so that’s called a dynamic line. If they were to stay there after I didn’t move, it’d be a static line. You can’t really fill those, ’cause they’re really superficial, only a few fillers actually do it and you don’t wanna do it while you’re moving. So you use something to stop the muscular action, and those things that stop the muscular action are neuromodulators. Neuro, nerve, modulators. So, what does Botox do? Botox directly interacts with the muscle post synapsis, which means it is a postsynaptic inhibitor. And what it does is it blocks the action potential from a nerve to hit a muscle. What does it all mean? It eventually means that the muscle stops working, what does that mean? That means that, as the muscle stops working you hope, over time, that those wrinkles don’t become static, and they stay dynamic, and they get better. So you can always get better when you’re having dynamic wrinkling. As you get more static and deeper wrinkling, that’s when we get, here in these areas here, here and all these in these areas, you start to think about fillers, to fill that area. Botox is not here, or to fill these areas, okay? All Botox does is stop the movement, and fillers do the rest. So, what do we have left? So we also have some other abbreviations. We have, well there was something that you wanted me to talk about. There was BBL–

– [Executive Producer] Right, CoolSculpting–

– [Executive Producer] Like when do get CoolSculpting–

– So, we’re gonna get down to CoolSculpting. So, Laurie Kurt said, “Getting my gummies “with you in December 2, can’t wait!” Well, we can’t wait for you! How exciting. If I was a girl I’d definitely get implants. Like, I would get ’em as big as I could, actually. So, Hurricane Ashley put, “Complimentary consults tonight, “text to 210-890-2277.” We need you to reserve those consults, and when you text tonight, you’re eligible for 20 units of Newtox for $129. CE JA just asked, “So the sides of the mouth “is only for fillers?” These sides here, the deep lines, are filler, and up here, are filler territory. I just gave a course on this, where I can, in one syringe of Radiesse here, here, and here, I was able to cure all of the subjects that they gave me. So, Zoe Fox 914 says, “Do the effects of Botox “lessen after prolonged use?” Great question. The only neuromodulator on the market that is protein free is Xeomin. And Xeomin is, hold on one second, Zoe. So Denise Arnold said, “Hey! See you Thursday,” how you doing Denise? See you then. Gracie Mada Rodriguez, “I want BBL with implants.” That’s a big order, that’s called supercharging an implant. Technically not the greatest thing to do; you put the implants in first, wait about 4-6 weeks, and then do fat, just in case the fat dies and then it becomes a nidus for infection. And so just put the implant in first, and then you can add to the top of the implants with fat. So, A New You Aesthetics just joined us, I think they’re in San Antonio, if it’s the same ones. Again, we have tonight’s special; 20 units of Newtox for new customers only, for $129, when you text it tonight to 210-890-2277. We’ll keep putting it, at now–

– [Executive Producer] What about micro–

– And–

– What about, like, micro–

– So what is RF microneedling? That’s a good one. So RF microneedling means radio frequency microneedling. What is radio frequency? It is not laser, it is not magnetic. Radio frequency is just exactly like that, it uses a spectrum on the wave length that can generate heat without using a laser. And what that does is as things penetrate, or things are underneath the body, such as with an AccuTite or FaceTite, or BodyTite that we have, we can systematically heat those structures up, underneath or on top, to certain degrees. If you’re on top, you really wanna get to about between 41 and 47 degrees; around 48-49 degrees Celsius, it gets really hot. Underneath, we can heat that tissue all the way up to about 68 degrees, to up to 71-72 degrees. And that’s our safe zone. What that does is contracts skin underneath, and can also contract skin on top. So we use radio frequency, yeah?

– [Joe] YouTube question, sorry.

– Oh, what was the YouTube question?

– [Joe] How long do fillers last?

– How long does fillers last? That’s a great question. There is a spectrum of fillers, so there is Belotero and Volbella down here, they last about a month or two. Then you get up to, like, Versa, Juvederm, Ultra, things like that, 3-6 months. Then you get a little higher with, like, some Restylane lift, little longer, a little thicker, then you get a little higher with, like, Radiesse, which is got little microns, I believe calcium hydroxylapatite crystals, which the body wraps with fillers, so it’s a more permanent filler. The hightest length is Bellafil, which I really love, it’s my favorite filler. B-E-L-L-A-F-I-L. You buy it in a series of five for about $5,000-$6,000. But that thing can last all year for you. And what it does is, it also leaves behind little microns of filler material that then the body wraps, and you get injection at that point. Korei Cad is watching, Denise Arnold gave me a wave. CE JA says, “Awesome, gracias.” And Gracie Mada, make sure that you text us.

– [Executive Producer] I asked a question.

– What did you ask?

– [Executive Producer] What procedure will get rid of my cellulite?

– Oh. Hurricane Ashley, Fresh Like Lemonade, asked, “What procedure will get rid of cellulite?” Wait a minute, before I ask that, it says Anna 9121, “Or Botox $$$.” What does that mean, like how much does it cost? Or–

– [Joe] I guess so.

– You know, Botox, we have a range of prices for Botox. So text us right now to 210-890-2277–

– [Executive Producer] Botox is you’re inexpensive–

– It’s the least expensive, but it doesn’t fill, it just helps with these wrinkles around here, around here, here. It can upturn the lip a little bit, for a lip lift. I don’t like to do too much around the mouth ’cause the marginal mandibula nerve is here. Gracie Mada wants the number on Facebook, so Kristen will give you that number. But it’s 210-890-2277. 210-890-2277, there we go. Kristen just gave you that number. Don’t forget to text us right now, because then you can get in for the 20 units for $129. And don’t forget we have virtual consults tonight, we already have two people in the waiting room, sorry I gotta make you guys wait a little bit. But we can take care of that when I’m done here. So let’s drop into cellulite a little bit. So we have so many ways to reduce cellulite, you’re never gonna get rid of it completely, completely, 100%. TSM Burger on Twitter invited other followers, which is great. Thanks, man, we appreciate it. So cellulite starts because you have these areas of dimpling of skin. They can be deep, they can be superficial. They’re easier to cure when they’re superficial, that’s for sure. Eduardo Sanchez says, “Many of my mamas ask for help “with post-baby stretch marks.” Perfect! Thank you, Dr. Sanchez, one of my good friends in town. Excellent pediatrician. Do not stop, go right over there to Dr. Sanchez, Clinica Del Norte. Tell ’em Dr. Jeneby sent you. So stretch marks, we do have a laser called an erbium. And Eduardo says, “Not my mama, patient mamas.” So we do have an erbium laser, and we also have radio frequency microneedling that does reduce stretch marks, because as you’re lasering it just gets less wide and less wide and less wide. Eventually, till it becomes real tiny. So, lasering and radio frequency work the same, by reducing the width of the stretch marks. Jessica from the office, yeah, would you mind posting something on doxy.me on Instagram, that would be great. So, stretch marks and cellulite. We have two machines for cellulite; one is called the Cellfina– C-E-L-L-F-I-N-A. C-E-L-L-F-I-N-A. And what it does, it’s like a little drill, and it drills underneath the skin and it pops out the cellulite. Then we sort of laser the top with a tightlace, and tightlace is kinda like, it’s combined erbium and YAG laser. And the erbium and YAG laser together form a really, really nice laser to do bulk heating of the underside of the cellulite, as well as to flatten it. And tonight we’re doing complimentary consults, by the way, don’t forget. So, Cellfina and tightlace together is an awesome combination ’cause I will drill the underside, pop up the stretch mark, and then laser the top. So you need to do it, you need to do it almost every time for every type of cellulite. And what I’ve also been adding with Cellfina is people getting BBL’s or butt implants, ’cause it really, once you cut those bands it really makes for a nice, smooth butt, and then we’re throwing in one tightlace for the entire butt, to really tighten the butt on top of the new implants, or the BBL. So it’s been fantastic. So, what else do we have? So we have the cellulite, we need to have some more abbreviations for them, ’cause I promised them a lot.It is the number one procedure for body contouring that we can do, and it’s the biggest procedure we do, and you normally need to take 4-6 weeks off. A mini tummy tuck just takes a little bit, takes a smaller incision, lift up just all the way up to the belly button, tighten the muscle bellow, but we cannot tighten the muscle above. So if I feel that the muscle above is loose, you’re not a candidate for a mini tummy tuck, you’re going to need something else.

– So–

– What about CO2?

– Oh, CO2, that’s another abbreviation. So CO2 means carbon dioxide. And carbon dioxide was one of the first official lasers that went on top of the face. And that was invented in the, I believe in the ’60s and ’70s. And what it does is, it lasers in dots, fractional dots that we have, called a dot or a fractional. And what it does is, it lasers in little dots all the way down your face in multiple passes. What that does is gets rid of the first layer of skin, the stratum corneum, and then gets down to partial of the dermis. With the exosomes we do not have to draw blood, so all you guys squeamish from blood, we can actually use non-blood products for you. So after that is done, over the next 3-6 months your body repairs itself using macrophages, immune cells, eventually fibroblasts and collagen deposition, and then you get the shrinkage of the face, and you get, like, a little bit of a tightening effect from carbon dioxide. So that’s CO2. Erbium has a higher affinity for hemoglobin. And what that means is that during the time when you’re getting stuff lasered, every laser has a wave length that it targets. Carbon dioxide targets water, erbium targets hemoglobin, it’s a little bit more specific. So, it has less collateral damage in the skin, a little bit less downtime.

– [Executive Producer] What about HQRA?

– We don’t have that anymore, but, HQRA. HQRA was a beautiful product we use to carry, but they got rid of it because it was hydroquinone Retin-A. So what is hydroquinone, anybody? Anybody out there know? No? Going once, going twice, going three times, . Hydroquinone is a bleach for the skin, and we often use hydroquinone 2-4 weeks before we do any procedure on you. Especially if you’re a darker-skinned person, or Fitzpatrick. Aw, Love Yourself Lisa says, “Can I just say, I learn so much from you. “I’m going to school for RN just because “I wanna be in cosmetic surgery.” You look me up when you’re done! You seem like a great gal. So Botox Barbell says, “Lightening.” Perfect, that was a perfect answer. It is for lightening. They make a two and up to a 4%. What I’ve heard is, the 4% has a little bit more side effects, so people have gone down to the two. Another lightener– Jessica Zamora joining us again with her hand raised. Go ahead, Jessica, if you know the answer. So, Kristen Luvac joined, who is our marketing director. I guess she got back on Instagram, so you’ll see her commenting on our specials and how to get ahold of us, and our virtual consults.

– [Executive Producer] What’s some noninvasive things you can do for fat?

– Okay, we’re gonna get over, let’s finish the face. So, Retin-A, Retin-A was the gold standard. And what it does is thickens the dermis over time, which is underneath the skin. And by thickening the dermis it tightens the face and it also helps to get rid of some of the wrinkles. It was the granddaddy of them all. So, anybody wanna know the difference between retinoids, retinols, and Retin-A? Retinoids are at the lower end– Yes Jess, I know it’s you. So, retinoids are at the lowest end, it’s not as caustic, the skin peels less. Retinols are in the middle, and Retin-A is at the top end. We have a lot of retinoids that we can give you to start your skin, move you up to retinols, and then eventually I can write a prescription for Retin-A. But you have to be my patient for a long time and I have to see you for a long time.

– [Executive Producer] Why is that such a big deal?

– So, Retin-A involves thickening of the dermis and involves issues on how to, in how the dermis reacts to Retin-A, increases cellular junctions, it’s very technical. But just say that it thickens the skin very much so, and over time it helps to reduce wrinkles. It was the first one, my mom used it. In one of the early clinical trials in the ’60s. So retinoids and retinols came off of Retin-A, so you use that. So hydroquinone, Retin-A, was a beautiful product we had but they took it off the market. So, let’s go another one. Surgery talk. So, an MMO means Mommy Makeover, everybody knows what that is, right? That’s a breast aug, plus/minus something with the tummy. So it’s encompassing from head to toe, or from body down to tummy, all encompassing. Let’s see, RX, you guys know what RX means? That’s prescription. So the rest of these are awesome, and I appreciate it, but I don’t think we need more of that. So, we had, we covered cellulite, we covered tummies, breasts, oh, noninvasive fat. I just went to a very nice conference on noninvasive fat. There’s so many machines, it is so confusing. But we can try to break it down a little bit. So, there’s a product called Emsculpt, and there’s another product called truSculpt. Emsculpt and truSculpt, how they work is they build up muscle, and while you’re building up muscle you’re gonna burn fat, ’cause you made more muscle. It does not directly effect fat. So, you have to wait, you have to do 3-6 treatments and wait 3-6 months for a final result. CoolSculpting is pretty much the gold standard of noninvasive fat removal. And what it does is it basically freezes the fat to a point where the fat ruptures, the fat cells rupture, and then the actual fat content comes out, your body absorbs it, it goes to your liver, and then you excrete it out of the body. That takes, oh, the excretion part takes less than a couple of days, but you looking better can take somewhere around six weeks to three months, to six months. I have something called a Vanquish, which is radio frequency, it surrounds your body, it’s no touch. And you’ll lose about an inch each time. And the way that the Vanquish works, it’s also RF, but what it does is spin the dipoles within the water, and a dipole, so water has a positive and a negative, and it spins it so fast it creates heat, and it ruptures the fat. I personally like the Vanquish the best because there’s no pain with it, and it does not cause what they have deemed, in some CoolSculpting, peroxisomal adipose hypertrophy, or PAH. And that means you actually get a fatter area around where you had the CoolSculpting. And it doesn’t happen in everybody, but it certainly can happen. Never heard about it happening with a heated device. But right now the gold standard for noninvasive, in my mind and in several people’s mind, and even in the mind of some of the Aesthetic Academy this weekend, is CoolSculpting. The gold standard in general, if you want to get rid of fat, is liposuction by a board certified plastic surgeon. I do them in 45 minutes to an hour, and I can get you down three or four pants sizes and three or four dress sizes in less than 45 minutes. It’s really cool, and I can also do some ab etching, where I can create fake abdominal muscles. So, Susan Alcaraz is watching. Susan, how you doing? Hadn’t seen you in a long time, thanks for watching. Mrs. Reeves gives us a thumbs up. What about varicose veins? We’re about to buy a machine that helps you with varicose veins. You can start setting up your appointment with this machine. The first 10 people that set up their appointment in Texas right now that want the varicose machines, they’ll get it for a special pricing. As being some of our models. It won’t be free, but it’ll definitely be special. So, if you’re looking for varicose vein treatment we’re going to do that. Fake News Nerd says, “You are so cool and positive, “and I want to get it all!” That’s right! So Fake News Nerd, it’s all you. So, we’ll be getting in a machine that targets varicose veins, we’ll be needing some models. They will not be free. The first 10 of you guys that text us your name, phone, and email to 210-890-2277, we’ll put ’em on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, we’ll be right there. We’ll get you in. This machine also is going to help you out with photo facials, and very light peels, and it’ll give you, like, this beautiful, glassy, fresh look. And I will probably use it on Chelda who’s watching, ’cause she’s been my patient for seven years! And she’s been doing great with us, and we love you, Chelda, I appreciate you. So Chelda, we’re gonna use you as a model, we’re gonna use a bunch of people as a model. And we need models, actually, so you need to text us, 210-890-2277. Give us your name, email, and phone number. CE JA, I got you, I see your right hand, text us, and text in for varicose veins, and for the model for the photofacial, or the 1064 facial that we’ll be offering. This machine also does an entire back, or an entire leg’s hair removal. It has a huge spot size, it’s I think 6×6. And, let me tell you, man, I am a huge wimp, huge, monster-sized wimp, and– Jessica Zamora, geez, she raised her hand to be a model. Of course, Jessica! You work there! But, she’s being funny.

– [Executive Producer] So trivia, where did the word plastic surgery come from?

– I already know.

– [Executive Producer] What?

– Well, plasticos is Greek.

– [Executive Producer] Good job!

– Yes, from the Greek, which means to change.

– [Executive Producer] To mold.

– To mold, to change, it’s okay. So everybody that texts in today will be models at a reduced price for this machine. This machine does hair removal of a man’s back in five minutes. I’ve seen it, they did it on me, it’s super cool. It doesn’t hurt, because it has a contact of, like, a cool, I believe it’s sapphire, but don’t quote me on that. But it is beautiful, beautiful. Don’t forget to text us your info. I have, like, three people in the waiting room. If you guys want to do consults, I’m doing consults tonight. So, to recap, BBL means Brazilian butt lift, that’s a three letter word in plastics, people are like, “What the heck is BBL?” It is not a true butt lift where you make an incision across the top of the butt and in the crease, it is actually placing fat inside the butt which gives it a little bit of a raise, and a little bit more, we can widen it and add projection. Breast aug mastopexy, mastopexy is a lift. A breast aug is, as you know, a breast implant under the muscle. Some people ask me, “Can I add fat to a breast?” Why, sure you can. The issue is, how you keep that fat from dying, and when it dies, how do you keep it from not forming oily cysts, or they form, sometimes, calcified areas. Well, then when you get your next mammogram you may need biopsies. So I have a lot of people, when they come in they’re absolutely convinced that breast implants are bad, and they are absolutely not bad. Or else we wouldn’t be putting ’em in, and they wouldn’t be FDA approved. So, putting in fat to your breasts can give you a couple of problems. You may get a cup or two out of it, you won’t get more than that. And then if you form cysts or calcified issues with the breast, then you may be looking at a lifetime, a fifetime . A lifetime of breast aug biopsies. Bettina Marquez, yes we do offer free consultations, we’re doing ’em tonight. We can do ’em virtually, and then I also do free consultations, if you’re in town, I believe it’s tomorrow, is our moonlight hour, which tomorrow I see you guys from 5 o’clock to just at the end of 6:30-7 o’clock. So, Bettina, text us your name and number to 210-890-2277. Kristen will put that up here in a minute, take this number down when it comes up, Bettina, and then we’ll show you several ways to get free consultations. You could also get into my waiting room right now, I’ll do some tonight. I usually do two or three when I get offline here, and I’ll be getting offline early. So, saying that, love that you guys were here. I hope you guys learned a lot. We’re trying to do more and more each week. I pick the topics, because you guys haven’t picked me any topics yet, and we ask you every week to pick topics! So then I have to do it. So, next week, what should we talk about, guys? Hair!

– [Joe] Hair.

– Not hair. Ashley gave me the not hair look.

– [Joe] Okay–

– [Executive Producer] I think tummy tucks–

– I did tummy tucks already. Okay, how about we talk about Brazilian butt lifts, I know we did it, but I also wanna talk to you, the stuff we can do during a Brazilian butt lift, like the upper back bra roll, and the sides, and even the arms.

– [Executive Producer] You think it should be about implants, the different kinds and types of implants?

– Not next week, right? We have to do butts.

– And we’ll see what happens then.

– Okay, and then we’ll also do, oh, CE JA wants horror stories of surgeries. I’ll do that the week after, that’s a good one. We’ll put up some plastic surgery nightmares, I like that. In a couple of weeks. But stuff that you get when you go overseas, for example. Not when you get in the United States, ’cause I can get, I’ll pull up for you guys some overseas nightmares. What else, oh! So, housekeeping issues, don’t forget to text us right now, 210-890-2277. You’ll get your $129, 20 unit Botox for doing that for us. You’ll get a free consult, either with the, you can get in on into my waiting room right now, I have about three or four people in the waiting room. Bettina Marquez says, “I think you should talk about “the nelly button,” but I think she means belly button. Yeah, there it is, belly button. That’s interesting, I don’t know if we could do a whole day, but maybe we’ll throw that in; belly button, breasts, and butts next week, okay? Thank you guys for watching, you guys are awesome. I wanna say thanks to, I’m gonna show you everybody that makes this happen right here, there’s our producer, Joe John, with Nines Video Marketing. I’m gonna show Joe John over there working heavy–

– [Joe] Hello.

– Making sure this happen– and, of course, Ashley, my lovely wife, here. And Ashley does not wanna be shown because she just got her hair done. But I’m gonna show her right here on YouTube, real quick, there she is oh, just hiding away back there. One last question, here. CE JA wants to know what I’ve had to repair for bad jobs done. I can’t show pictures, sometimes they don’t want me to. Can a 60-year-old woman get a tummy tuck? Absolutely, Mary Mahea! You could absolutely get one, it depends on your medical condition whether we could do it inside, you know, in my office, or we have to go to surgery. So, text us right now, Mary; 210-890-2277. 210-890-2277. We’re just gonna quickly show Ashley, ’cause she doesn’t want me to. And she’s back there, right over there, sneak a peek at what she’s doing over there, she’s just answering with us, making sure that this goes off without a hitch. Thank you guys, again, God bless, and we’ll see you soon.

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